Imperial Leisure – Death To The One Trick Pony

(Steamrolle )

This is the second album by Imperial Leisure and was funded by pledges from their fanbase to get the recording out. The band are a mix of SKA, punk and hip hop and produce a dance influenced indie rock. The SKA element is strong throughout all the tracks with rapid fire guitar riffs and the odd brass flurry whereas the punk element is more in spirit than actual sound.

The disc contains 14 tracks which can get a bit wearing after a while to the uninitiated. Best of the bunch is ‘All In Good Time’ which is one of the rockier numbers, but with a bit of a drum and bass undercurrent. The rest of the tracks veered from OK to a bit tedious on the whole, not bad or unlistenable, just not very gripping.

The fact that their fans had the faith in the band to provide 202% of the finance required to get the recordings completed and out suggests that the album will do well and with a country wide tour currently underway, the band should have a good year ahead.


David Wilson

Breton – Other People’s Problems

(Fatcat Records)

‘Subversive Art Collective’, words to strike fear into the heart of this reviewer I’m afraid. I have come across this band before when I reviewed their debut single, I wasn’t too complimentary back then, but in the spirit of ‘everything deserves a fair hearing’ I gave this a fair listen. Unfortunately it turned out that the single was the best track on the album !

Breton have a working space in London which they call ‘the lab’. This is where the album was honed before being recorded in Sigur Ros’s studio in Iceland. There are similarities between the two as Breton go for an ambient sound but they can’t match the majestic soundscapes produced by the Icelanders.

On tracks like opener ‘Pacemaker’ the ambient feel is offset with a heavy, pulsating bass line. This coupled with synthesised vocals was enough to put me off from the start and to be honest if you are a Get Ready To Rock! regular then chances are it will have the same effect on you as well. Not for me I’m afraid.


David Wilson

Ill – Gotten Gains

(Glassville Records)

Ill are a three piece hailing from Atlanta in Georgia. One interesting fact from the band’s biog is that guitarist and vocalist Ryan Waters was recalled during the recording process to play with 80′s soul chantresse Sade. Soul though isn’t the name of the game here as Ill are more in the funk rock vein of Fishbone, a band they have supported in the past.

Another couple of bands that spring to mind are Soundgarden and Alice In Chains especially on tracks like ‘ Bitch’ and ‘ Castration’ both of which are excellent songs with a driving funky bass and a distorted guitar sound.

Ill have produced a solid album in ‘ Gotten Gains’ that should see them establish themselves as an act with a bright future. Only if Sade decides not to resurrect her defunct career once again.


David Wilson

Killerfix – Bridge Of Disorder

(Dust On The Tracks)

Killerfix are another new entry into the UK hardcore metal scene This is their debut album and it is a bit of alright. The band have been together in various forms since 2007 and have gained interest both in the UK and in the States where they were asked to create a song for UFC star Chuck Liddell.

The band have an arsenal of heavy, crunching riffs and gruff vocals to boot, but they also have a subtler, more melodic side as shown on ‘ Divided’. It is on songs like ‘Someone Else To Blame’ and ‘ Smoke For The Pain’ though that the band show their true colours with strong playing and hard and heavy rhythms. The guitarists Christian Lloyd and James Fitzpatrick both put in a good solid shift backed up with the thumping backbeat created by Kim Rogers on bass and, for the album only, SikTh drummer Dan Foord beating the living daylights out of the kit.

The band are now selling out venues in London and surrounding areas and with a bit of airplay and promotion ‘Bridge Of Disorder’ should do well, as should Killerfix.


David Wilson

JULIAN LENNON ‘Guess It Was Me’ 2012

Second single released of his recent album ‘Everything Changes’ as Julian Lennon comes back back to music. He hasn’t been idle though working in photography and his charity the White Feather Foundation. This is a lovely tune with a strong chorus with a little hint of some Beatles harmonies. One of his better songs and it is always a mystery why he has never had more success, hopefully this can rectify this given some decent exposure and airplay.


Jason Ritchie

CHRISTA VI ‘Your Heart’

Christa Vi is an Australian/German singer songwriter and this is her debut single, a full album is due in 2013. There are four versions of the song on this EP, tow are very ‘danced up’ I guess for nightclub airplay. She has a pleasant voice but the music is to dance for these ears and the majority of GRTR! readers I guess as well. Good luck to her but not for me…


Jason Ritchie

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