Interview with KONTRUST

Q’s fielded by Chris Martin, replies from Kontrust’s Stefan

What makes Kontrust tick? Is there method to the madness?

Well, you take a hefty dose of rock’n’roll, throw yourself down the rabbit hole and just before you reach the wonderland, that sound you hear…well that’s Kontrust. Punchy beats and percussions, pounding bass lines, walls of guitars and a duel of vocals from hell really sums it up. We love writing music and playing for the fans. That fuels us.
I will admit I didn’t know anything about the band before given this assignment. I did some research and the first thing I found was “Bomba” on YouTube. I literally had to go back and make sure I had the right band. I love the gimmick of the lederhosen, but I have to say I really liked what I heard more. How did the band come to be?

We originally formed in 2001, released the first 2 ep’s and finally in 2005 after a massive line up change, when Gregor (bass) and Agata (vocals) joined in, our first Longplayer “we!come home”. That’s how it all started.
We were a six-piece that started to be recognized at clubs and festivals and just wanted to be heard. We played many great concerts and then in 2009 we put out a new album “Time To Tango” and “Bomba” happened. Totally unexpected, something we didn’t expect at all. It was our first big international breakthrough. First top-chartpositions in the Netherlands, then later in 2010 we received the AMADEUS Music Award in our home country of Austria.
The single and of course the album as well became a popular hit on the internet and received a substantial airplay on TV and radio. Things started to go really well. We got strong feedback from the international music press and a constant growing international fan base.  In early 2011 we added our 7th member Mike (guitar) to the band. After massive touring we played Poland with our biggest show ever at the Prystanek Woodstock festival in front of over 300000 crazy people.
We spent over a year working on our new album “second hand wonderland” which is finally released.

Anything significant about the name of the band? How was it selected?
There is a lot of contrast in the music we write and the word itself is value-free. It’s quite recognizable and understandable in all languages. Having understood all of the above we just had to find a word. Something that would be the perfect fitting name for us…and so we created KONTRUST

What should fans, new and old, expect from the upcoming album Second Hand Wonderland?

The new album is a colourful journey through the Kontrust wonderland. It’s hard hitting and really catchy. We wanted songs that would stick with you for the first time you hear them. So it’s a step forward without loosing what makes Kontrust sound like we do.
What was it like playing in front of 300,000 people at Przystanek Woodstock festival in Poland? Was there an instant connection with the crowd or did it grow on them?

It was absolutely crazy. Totally overwhelming! We had an instant connection with the crowd and they gave everything back tenfold. So the fired us up really well and we returned the favour. It was an amazing show full of walls of death and mosh pits and bodies surfing everywhere. Flags waving from a crowd that cheered so strong we couldn’t hear ourselves on stage. Very intense. Timeless memories.
Sound wise Kontrust are an interesting mix of grooving hard rock, but with an almost rap mix thrown in. I don’t typically like that combination, but you make it work. What sets you apart from other bands of this genre?

Of this genre? Is there a genre for what we do? (Smiling). Genres tend to label everything, make it fit in box so you can comfortably place it somewhere were you’ve been told you should place it. The beauty of music is, it’s a universal language everybody speaks and everybody understands so you don’t have to narrow it down. We want everybody to join in on the fun and we enjoy doing what we do.
How did you get picked up by Napalm Records? Seems an unlikely pairing.

They like what we do and we like how they work with us. It was a great match from the beginning and it’s been working really well.

Once the album is out any tour plans?

Oh it will be a busy year! We go on tour with “Die Apokalyptischen Reiter” in early may through Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We have many shows planned for the summer festival season throughout Europe. Check out our homepage for exact dates and where they’re happening.

I tend to enjoy bands fronted by females, and realize that most hate being asked this question, but do you find it tougher getting respect in this industry and being taken seriously by having a very clearly beautiful woman fronting the band? From what I have seen in the videos, not only is Agata beautiful, but she seems to have a no bs attitude. On top of that, a pretty awesome voice. Does it make a difference one way or another?

First of all everything you mentioned above sets us apart. Having both Agata and Stefan up there really makes a difference. It’s the dynamic duo of hard rocking music that grasps the audience instantly and doesn’t let them go until it’s over.
How does the writing/recording process work for Kontrust? Is there a certain method or is it an organic happening?

There are a lot of ideas, getting them together in the right order is the trick. Then of course time for our ideas to develop and legal and illegal helpers! (smiling again)
Working with so much passion, love, frustration and aggression all put into the music we do, we try many different approaches when it comes to writing the songs and leave all the musical barriers behind. And it the end…it sounds like we do.

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