Great White “Elation”

Frontiers 2012

If you are expecting to hear Great White sounding exactly as they did back in the late ‘80’s, then you may find yourself disappointed. The recent addition of new vocalist Terry Ilous gives the band an edge that they haven’t had for years- they sound fresh, rejuvenated even, and luckily Ilous sounds like his own man and not just a sound alike for the departed front man Jack Russell.

The band is about to release album number twelve, “Elation” which is a quality album and a welcome return that certainly detracts from the headlines recently created by former singer Russell, who’s alleged issues have meant that his band have had to choose to move on without him.

Joining new boy Terry Ilous  and original members  guitarist Mark Kendall, drummer Audie Desbrow and Michael Lardie on guitar and keyboards is bass player Scott Snyder- and with Lardie acting as producer on this record the band have found something that should keep them touring for a good few years to come.

Opening with the frantic intro of “(I’ve Got) Something For You”, with a groove reminiscent of old Aerosmith, the album mixes up tempo tracks like “Shotgun Willie’s” and the raw, blues edged “Heart of A Man” or “Love Train” with big ballads such as the soulful Black Crowes like “Hard To Say Goodbye” and the massive sounding “Love Is Enough”. Then you get the Crowes meets The Faces style “Complicated”, the bluesy, dirty, grinding riff of bonus track “Lowdown” and the track that should, in my opinion, be released as a single “Feelin’ So Much Better”.

Long time fans of the band may voice their thoughts, and could go either way, but “Elation” is a good, strong album- full of decent songs and should be judged on that alone. Maybe it’s the Great White name, but this record could be released in any band name and be seen as a great album- will it be held back by peoples mis-judged expectations? Let’s hope not as “Elation” has to be up there as one of the best albums of 2012 so far.

Nikk Gunns

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