First take on Henrik. Heavily influenced by Gary Moore, Freischlader is a top draw blues act. Still Frame replay is a must for fans of the genre. He manages to mix in some funk, jazz and rock  into this album and moves between styles effortlessly. A multi instrumentalist he majors in guitar and moves from the slick, smooth and sleeky to dangerous, dirty and guttural. This is the 4th studio album, all from his own record label Cable Car records. He has made use of his live band in the recording of this album thus having a holiday from his one man band approach to previous records. So here are my high and low lights:

Kicks off with the title track “Still Frame Replay” which features his friend Joe Bonamassa guesting on lead guitar. Fast paced blues stomp with blinding guitar licks. Lyrics that paint a picture of introspection and  melancholy so beloved by blues artists. Great hook lines, snappy and ask the searching question “where am I today?” Look forward to hearing this one live, a belter.

“Longer days” Straight blues here with lines such as “Yes i’m working, working my fingers to the bone….and repeat” So you know what to expect, solid blues, toe tapping and grass roots. Those blues guitarists have it hard. Just a great, straight 12 bar strut, nothing but love for this one.

“What’s my name” or it’s proper title “What’s my mother f*cking name?” Freischlader takes a walk on the dark side with this stroll through the man’s little black book after love comes off the rails. Angry, funky and far away from the rest of this album in content and emotion. There is always 2 sides to the coin and Herr Freischlader has sneaked this one in. A stand out track on the album.

“The Memory of Our Love” Straight out of the Gary Moore school of moody blues ballards. Searing guitar breaks, sad sad lyrics that push all the buttons, the man has the blues and makes all feel like our world is ending if just for 7 minutes and 44 seconds.

“If I Could only be Myself” Rocker, gritty riffs, pulsating bass, vocals that just ooze above the guitar chords, emotive and raw.

“Look at the Fool” My favourite track. Great hook, soulful, spiritual lyrics, and wonderful riffs and breaks. This moves with power and precision a classic track in the making.

“Do Did Done” life in the fast lane in modern world. Great rock track should add to the live locker nicely.

Now not all is well in this collection. “Growing Old” is full of saccharine, sonatogen fuelled sentiment that makes me want to heave. “I’ve Got It Good” is a Jamie Cullum style, jazzy snazzy number that does not sit well with the rest but I can’t help liking it.

Really like this offering and will be looking forward to seeing the man play in London this summer. This is a very personal work, very spiritual in places and all the better for it. The bent on God is so heavy in places I would have him labeled under “Christian Rock” although thankfully there is ”What’s my mother f*cking name?” to put me straight there.


Steve Jenkins

On Sunday 28 July 2019, David Randall celebrated his 600th show. “Assume The Position” started in June 2007 on UK City Radio before transferring a year later to Get Ready to ROCK! Radio. The show includes tracks played on the first show plus Upton Blues Festival highlights, new music and the regular features “Live Legends” and “Anniversary Rock” which this week celebrates the Island Records label 60th anniversary.

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