Fearless Vampire Killers Guilfest 2012 Big Cheese Tent

Seeing Fearless Vampire Killers was probably the highlight of this year. I had dragged along my friend and had attempted to run in wellies through the mud bath called guilfest to try and get at the front of the audience.

We managed to get a decent spot a couple of rows behind the front of the stage. After around 10 minutes, the band came onstage and was greeted by applause and loud screams. They took up their positions; Kier Kemp on vocals, Laurence Beveridge on backing vocals and guitar, Drew Woolnough on bass (also backing vocals), Cyrus Barrone on guitar and backing vocals and Luke Illingworth on drums. After a short introduction by Kier of “WE ARE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS!”, they began to play. It was obvious then that fearless vampire killers are not just a studio band, and their talents extend to sounding equally as good live as on a CD.

They kicked off with ‘Bow Ties On Dead Guys’, one of the singles from the bands first album ‘Militia Of the Lost’, released March this year. Each song played was a definite crowd-pleaser. After 2 more songs and a visit to the audience from Kier who began hi-fiving everyone, front man Kier Kemp swapped roles with co-front man Laurence Beveridge and began to play guitar while Laurence sang. ‘Bleed Till’ Sunrise’ was next on the list, and Laurence came down to the front of the audience and sang, greeted by many screaming fans. After more songs, FVK finished off with ‘At War With The Thirst’, ending their set on a high note.

To conclude, Fearless Vampire Killers’ performance at Guilfest 2012 was definitely not a disappointment. The atmosphere was great and full of energy, the crowd was crazy; head banging, screaming and pumping their fists in the air at every song played. The band played brilliantly and the whole experience was amazing. I hope to see them again soon.

By Jasmine Ritchie

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