The Look – Let It Go (Beat Town Records)

Apparently the Look had a hit in 1981, namely ‘I am the Beat’ and DJ Chris Evans is a fan. Now they are back with this new song which isn’t too bad – bizarrely reminded me of Mud and if Mr Evans gives this some airplay they could have a minor hit on their hands. Sadly the way the music charts are they are unlikely to break the top 40.


Jason Ritchie

Fantasy Rainbow – O, Weirdo/Para Parakeet (Heist Or Hit)

Duo of Oliver Catt and Jonathan Coddington conceived the music in a bedroom and after listening to these two ‘tunes’ this maybe where it was better staying… Indie rock ‘whiny’ vocals, little sembleance of a tune. Sorry lads.


Jason Ritchie

The Boy Royals – People Like Us (Require Records)

Four piece band whose new single is feisty little beast, although the riff is a direct copy of Kirsty MacColl’s ‘New England’! If this rousing anthem doesn’t get used on a Channel 4 teen/young adult drama I’d be very surprised. The other song on here ‘Summer’s Playground’ is like Hard-Fi on their debut i.e. when they were good. Based on these two songs the Boy Royals have a rosy future ahead of them.


Jason Ritchie

Mortdelamer – Words Within The Wires (S-a-N PR)

Mortdelamer are a three piece from Swindon. Their biog states they are alt-rockers influenced by both Biffy and Muse which is clear from the off. The group are fronted by Claire Sutton who assumes the Matt Bellamy/ Simon Neil roll and both vocally and musically she does a good job, maybe not quite in the same league, but it is early days. This EP contains 5 tracks which are well crafted and well written. The rhythm section of Joe Bishop on bass and Sean Ivens on drums are also up to the musical challenges and together they lay a solid foundation for Claire to strut her stuff.

is a solid release, which along with tour dates in the UK and Europe should see the band aiming for promotion to the next division.

David Wilson

Cauls – EP2 (Blank Records)

‘Industrial soundscapes’, a phrase to strike fear into the heart of this particular reviewer. Cauls come from the northern wastelands, well Newcastle anyway and produce barren sounding compositions which are hard on the ear. The tracks are slow paced with little content and whilst the Deftones and The Mars Volta are mentioned as influences you would be hard pushed to tell. The band are closer to Sigur Ros in sound but less majestic in deliver

This is not one I would rush back to I’m afraid. Cauls appear to be confused between what they are and what they perceive they are, at one point they describe themselves as post-hardcore, if that is the case then I had the wrong CD


David Wilson

Dreamstealer – Girls Are Fun Again (Manila PR)

Dreamstealer is the alias of one Arno Guveau, a Dutchman who busked in the London underground and developed his own style which he calls ‘funky blues’. ‘Girls Are Fun Again’ is an upbeat, poppy blues number which jogs along nicely with a brass accompaniment. The other track on the single, ‘Son Of The Big Smoke’ is more of the same, another enjoyable listen and a homage to his adopted home.

A good single which was recorded in Arno’s own studio, well worth a bit of loose change in his guitar case.


David Wilson

History Of The Trade – One Arm’s Length (Manilla PR)

This is the latest single from H.O.T.T and it is a laid back, sunny affair. The band produce poppy, indie rock which is perfect for a summer’s evening or chilling at a festival. The band also have an EP out at the moment entitled ‘The Silver Screen EP’ which, on this evidence, would be worth tracking down.


David Wilson


You may not know the name but Renato Abella has a couple fop big name guests on this single, namely Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis and former Survivor vocalist Dave Bickler. The song is a high quality slice of AOR and so good to hear Dave Bickler singing again. If you like Survivor and top notch AOR go along to Renato’s website pronto.


Jason Ritchie


This is single number three of her latest album ‘Go’ and she has been gaining deserved rave reviews. ‘There For You’ isn’t as instant as the previous two single but stick with it and the vocals of Lisbee win you over. She goes on tour soon with Seth Lakeman and surely the next step on the road to major success is well under way.


Jason Ritchie

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