10 Q’s with PHIL VINCENT

Phil Vincent is busy man with a digital only release ‘Solar Flare’ out now, plus a new album form D’Ercole and a new Legion due in the autumn. Keep up to date and listen to some of his music here

1. What are you currently up to?

Just released the new D’ercole CD “Dreams of the Heart” on Z Records.

Finished up the 4th Legion CD “Resurrection” to be released in November of this year.

I am working with Peter Cox from the band China on his Forest Fields project.I sang lead vocals on 2 tracks from his as yet untitled CD.

I’m singing backing vocals on one song from Michael Riesenbeck’s new solo CD.

I’m finishing up a project with David Zychek and David Prater which sounds amazing. David Zychek is playing bass, guitars, keys, Prater is the drummer and producer, obviously and I’m writing and singing all the vocals. That project is untitled but we’ve completed 11 killer tracks.

2. Could you take us through the new album ‘Solar Flare’? (e.g. ideas behind the songs etc)

You know Jason, I like the person listening to the song to come up with his own interpretation of the song’s meanings. They all have a common thread…….a positive message and sense of hope. We need that now!!!

3. How come you have decided to make you new solo album a digital only release? Will it be released on CD at a later date?

Well Jason, to produce artwork, duplicate the Cds, send out press copies, advertise, and all the other inherent costs associated with releasing a physical CD, I’m in the hole for a few thousand dollars even before the music is out there and to be honest people aren’t buying Cds

like they were a few years ago. They put their music on an I Pod or some other mp3 player so I thought I would focus on that demographic exclusively. Plus, I can release music more often that way. There’s no middle man. As much as I love Cds, the digital media is the future and unfortunately Cds will be obsolete in a few years, in my opinion.

4. Is the new Legion album ‘Resurrection’ all finished? Does Vince O’Regan record the music for you to add your vocals at a later date? What sort of sound can we expect – will it be even heavier this time around???

Yes, it’s finished. Vince sends me the music and I write the lyrics, record the vocals, send him an mp3 so he can approve or reject it. :-)

Usually he accepts what I send him but on occasion he has sent back suggestions for changes. There’s a song on the new CD called “Woman” where I had everything done but a different title and chorus. He suggested a one word chorus and I must have sent him 7 different versions but I couldn’t come up with something he liked. He then e-mailed me the idea of sings “Woman” in the chorus and that was EXACTLY what the tune needed. I would have never come up with that.

It’s very difficult when you have to tell a songwriter that their song doesn’t sound right. You have to be thick skinned and luckily I am but sometimes I fight for what I think it should be so Vince and I have a very healthy back and forth rapport. It’s a great relationship and the songs reflect that, I think.

5. D’Ercole’s latest album ‘Dreams Of The Heart’ has just been released. Could you take us through a few highlights of this please?

It’s my last one for Z Records so I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

Vince played some absolutely massive lead guitar throughout the CD and Damian and I wanted to write songs that stood the test of time and I think we’ve accomplished that. From “Only Child” to “Wearin’ Me Down” it’s full blast all the way. We’re very happy and excited with the way the CD came out and we hope everyone likes it as mush as us!!!! :-)

6. Any plans to gather your various cover versions together into one CD for a release at some stage?

Not yet. That’s an expensive venture but I have a few things in mind. “Mississippi Queen”, “Hand Me Down World”, “Hey You” by BTO, “Ride Captain Ride’ by Blues Image, “Temptation Eyes” by The Grass Roots.

That should make things interesting. LOL!!!!

7. How do you think the live music scene may look in five to ten years’ time given the fact that a lot of the 70′s and 80′s bands will have stopped touring by then?

It looks pretty vacant, to coin a Sex Pistols phrase!!! After the last Z Rock show and the low turnout, I can’t see much of a demand for live performances from newer bands. It’s going the same way as the CD.

8. How did the Z Rocks festival go this year? What other bands did you enjoy seeing?

See above. Paul Sabu is a great guy and we might be working together soon. he has just relocated but when he’s all settled in we have spoken about doing something together. that would be very cool.

Johnny Blaze(Arabia)was an awesome dude. I met a promoter/manager/videographer called Damien Mustapha who was an awesome guy and has become a great friend. He filmed Z Rock and will release the footage when Mark Alger coordinates the particulars with him.

The guys in Shakra were very cool and it’s only the second time I’ve seen my Legion bandmates so seeing Gav, Steve, Irv & Vince was pretty great too.

9. Have you been pleased with the reviews and feedback on the Legion and D’Ercole albums?

You know what Jason, I don’t take reviews as a testament of what the album actually represents. I take it as one person’s opinion of the music. Everyone has a different one and I try not to get too excited when they’re good reviews and not too low when they’re not good.

10. Read any good books lately…

No time

Anything else to add and a message for your fans…

Go to http://www.philvincentbands.com for free downloads and the latest info on all my music, projects and general state of affairs! LOL!!!

Thank you Jason and thanks to all the fans who support our music. Please don’t download illegally because we feel it a lot more than you think.

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