SKANSKA MORED – Paths To Charon

Small Stone Records

Second album by this Swedish five-piece who meld 70’s rock with a latter day stoner rock vibe. Vocalist Janne Bengtsson is one of ths stars of the album as he can belt it out like Chris Connell or Myles Kennedy, which is needed given the heavy backing music. Highlights include ‘Addicts’, a real riff monster and featuring Ann-Sofie Hoyles on guest vocals, who adds a little light to the song. ‘Dark Caves Of Our Mind’ is a belter, lots of hevy guitar and an instant chrous. ‘Lord Of Space And Time’ sees the band drop into jamming territory, like a heavier version of say Widespread Panic. Engineer Martin Ekelund adds a little Hammond to the proceedings to nicely round out the sound. The band even delve into a klittle 70’s prog on ‘Laggåsen’. They certainly mix it up musically on this album and it’s a relief it is not wall to wall slow, stoner music on the album.

Good, solid rock music that stands up to repeated plays and sure to please those that listen to it.


Jason Ritchie

WO FAT – The Black Code

Small Stone Records

An album that clocks in at over 45 minutes yet only has five songs. Wo Fat deal in seriously heavy stone riffs. To be honest for me the songs can outstay their welcome but then I am not a big fan of jam bands and if they are your thing Wo Fat will be right up your street. The title track and ‘Lost Highway’ are the stand outs as the band lay down heavy backing and for a three piece they create a massive wall of sound.

If you like extended jam sessions and a stoner rock vibe this album will be for you.


Jason Ritchie

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