DANGER ANGEL - Revolutia

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Formed back in Athens, Greece in 2006 this is Danger Angel’s second album and they have enlisted Jeff Scott Soto to produce the album plus add his backing vocals. Jeff Scott Soto performed the vocals on their debut release and it’s a shame he isn’t singing again as it is the vocals that are this album’s weakest link. Musically they tick all the right boxes for classy hard rock and the keys of Ahas duel and blend nicely with the guitar soloing of Ethan Snow.

Some really, nice heavy tunes on here like ‘Dead By Christmas’ and actually vocalist M.T. sounds better when the songs call for a more aggressive vocal. ‘When I’m Gone’ and ‘Falling’ sound like JSS solo tunes but then a song like ‘Don’t Die Young’ is filler at best.

It is a good album but not essential I am afraid and in a crowded market there are better albums out there worthy of your attention.

Jason Ritchie

LORNE HIND 360 – Zuess [2011]

Lorne Hind is a young Canadian guitarist who fronting a trio has produced a second album of guitar instrumentals.  I have no doubt that this is a better-produced affair than the debut ‘Full Circle’ but several tracks in and this becomes very tiresome.

Nothing intrinsically wrong with Lorne’s “chops” but he doesn’t seem to understand that less can be more.  Whilst this is a more melodic offering than most of it’s kind – and there are some attractive ideas here – it’s too samey and not that creative.  Evidently influenced by Satriani, Schon and even Wes Montgomery according to the handout.

Perhaps the real problem, and more a reflection of youth and exhuberance, is that Hind is like a puppy dog wanting to please and therefore tries too hard to impress rather than leaving much needed space and allowing the music to breathe.   With a strict producer, rather than Hind calling the shots, this may have emerged as a more rounded and mature-sounding product. **1/2

Review by David Randall

HARDREAMS – Unbroken Promises

Perris Records

Spanish melodic rock band band who have produced a nice little album and better than a lot of similar albums out there. Vocalist Manu Esteve has a slightly gruff edge to his vocals, like Last Autumn Dream’s Mikael Erlandsson. In fact the poppy refrain of opener ‘Count On Me’ does recall Last Autumn’s Dream. They do heavier songs too like ‘The War Is Over’, that may be too heavy for some lovers of melodic rock!

Highly listenable and with perhaps a couple more songs in a similar vein as ‘It’s Only Love’ and this would be a must have. Still worth a listen though.

Jason Ritchie

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