Album review: SINNER – Touch of Sin 2

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This is another case of a young band signing their rights away and now years later trying to reclaim some of their legacy back. Sinner are amongst a growing number of bands that are now re-recording some of their “classic” songs so that they regain the publishing rights…and well you can’t blame any of them really (well maybe Def Leppard!)…they all wrote these songs and toiled over the years bringing them to the fans and now want them back.

Matt Sinner has therefore seen fit to re-record 11 Sinner favourites and also present 3 new recordings.

Sinner are a very eighties metal band and if you enjoy the commercial Judas Priest era of Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith then you will find much to enjoy here. Being German however Sinner also throw some Scorpions and Accept into the mix. From opener Born to Rock through to Heat of the City the tempo hardly falters.
Of the three new tracks the one that grabs your attention is the cover of Thin Lizzy’s classic Don’t Believe a Word. Well cover is definitely not the correct word here…re-imagining describes what Sinner have done…and to be honest it works. Sinner have slowed it down and turned the song into a ballad…well done guys!

Having not heard the original versions of these songs I can only say that these all sound clear and fresh – the only moan I have is the awful backing vocals on Bad Girl…

As a blast of nostalgic metal that didn’t drag at any point this has to be recommended…but if you’re looking for something fresh then it’s not for you.

Phil Berisford

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