ALL TO RUIN Parables

Self release  [Release date 28.09.13]

Hailing from Port Talbot in Wales this EP finds All To Ruins in feisty form. The guys play fast paced nu-metal and over the course of the 5 tracks there is much to commend. The band have been together for three years and it shows in their playing, they sound like a solid unit who know their way around their chosen instruments.

There is nothing here though that I haven’t heard before from many other upcoming nu-metal bands. If the guys can find their own identity and signature sound they have the talent to do well, but at the moment they are just small fish in a very large pond.


David Wilson


Self-release  [Release date 21.10.13]

Those of a nervous disposition should stop reading now as this EP is full on, unforgiving, progressive death metal. This is the band’s second EP and it takes no prisoners. This EP twists, turns and assaults your senses from the opening bars of title track ‘Nine Fingers’ to the closing chords of the epic ‘In This Life Not The Next’.

The unrelenting guitar work of Charlie Griffiths and Charlie Frederick blasts away, underpinning all tracks, whilst Sean Scott indulges in some death metal scream therapy up front. Not an EP that will appeal to all but it in death metal circles it should do well.


David Wilson

VALFADER Whispers Of Chaos

Self-release ( Release date 21st October 2013 )

When does an EP become and LP ? This EP only contains 4 tracks but clocks in at just under 40 minutes. Huge, heavy, doom laden slabs are what Valfinder bring to the table with riffs so heavy it feels like someone is hurling bricks at you.

Taking cues from Sabbath and Opeth the band create a heavy wall of sound with a progressive edge.  Standout track for me was ‘Sacred Spiral’ which is the longest track on the EP and which contains some full on passages countered by quieter interludes. This album is very much doom laden and not one that will particularly brighten your day, but if you like things dark and gloomy you could do a lot worse.


David Wilson

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