Single & EP reviews: I AM I, IAN TOOMEY, KILL FOR EDEN

KILL FOR EDEN – Living On Mars

KILL FOR EDEN – Living On Mars (EP)

Kill For Eden pushed out one of the most accomplished and promising metal debuts of the year this Spring. The band’s hallmarks are all about giant hooks, dynamic vocals and craftily insistent tunes.

As the year closes, they are back for a little bit more. Lead track on this EP ‘Living On Mars’ is lifted from the aforementioned album. It is a chunk of pop metal built around a skuzzy, gutteral riff that layers up faster than a skint student in winter. The chorus lifts the track out of the ordinary and then a change of pace kicks in to inject a shot of adrenaline. It’s one of the strongest tracks on the album and a good choice for a single.

The real treat though, is the brace of diamond-tipped new tracks, which bring a touch of diversity and scope. Don’t be fooled by Lyla D’Souza’s sweet voiced intro to ‘The Dome’. This is probably the hardest and most complex track the band have recorded in their short career. Vaguely sinister acoustic breaks give way to grinding riffs, sweeping bass and lyrics spat our like shards of razor wire. The track is inspired by Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’ and the disturbing theme of the thriller comes through.

‘Shoot Me’ brings KFE back to more familiar territory. The swaggering guitars of Dave Garfield and Andrea Basiola nail fat, bluesy riffs and lead breaks which combine deliciously with Lyla’s gorgeous delivery. The laconic riff wraps around the chorus hook like a big wet kiss and there is just enough sleazy drawl in Lyla’s “I can’t get enough” to suggest that Hanoi Rocks might just be lurking at the back of the room.

I’m not going a whole bundle on the cheesy spacewoman EP cover image, but the future is surely skywards for this talented, instinctive and ambitious bunch.  ****

Review by Dave Atkinson

With their formidable live shows and recent self titled album Kill For Eden have become one of the country’s best unsigned bands and new three track EP “Living on Mars” could be their best work to date.

Opening track “Living on Mars” has a feel of the power of Sass Jordan fronting the solid rhythm of Velvet Revolver and this works well.  Whilst “The Dome” has a heavier, almost industrial lilt, closing track “Shoot Me” has a Led Zep style opening which quickly gives way to a grinding, sleazy beast of a tune.

The successful formula for the band is definitely the powerful vocals of Lyla lying over the solid guitar of Dave Garfield and the band’s backbone rhythm section.  Kill For Eden are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Review by Nikk Gunns

I AM I – See You Again

Led by former Dragonforce singer ZP Theart I Am I have released this powerful ballad as they feel the rock world has been missing a decent one of these. Having listened to this I’d agree as the song suits ZP Theart’s vocal power to a tee and love the harmonies on the chorus. It is also a good way to introduce their latest two new recruits both from the sadly defunct Power Quest. This will tide fans over until the new album due next year. Lighters in the air (or mobile phones as it seems to be now) and enjoy!  ****1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

IAN TOOMEY – Renegade Soul

Ian Toomey fronts Bitches Sin and has released two singles already, including the excellent ‘Never Alone’. This new single is off his forthcoming solo album that is currently being recorded with Chris Tsangarides (who plays guitar on here too).

‘Renegade Soul’ is not as instant as ‘Never Alone’ but has a more epic feel about it down mainly to the extended guitar soloing. The other song on here is a reworking of one of Toomey’s previous band’s Flashpoint (not a band I have heard of before to be honest) and their song ‘Above The Noise’.

This is an instant hard rock tune with a big chorus, not dissimilar to Shy in their prime. The vocalist is David A Mills I assume no relation to Tony Mills of Shy! The solo album should be one to look out for next year that’s for sure.  ****

Review by Jason Ritchie



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