The Deep End

Bad Reputation [Release date – 15.12.13])

Think Australian rock and no doubt AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and latterly Airbourne spring to mind. The Deep End take elements of all three and blend them into one solid ball of frenetic rock. ‘Cop This’ is a full on explosion of sound which rocks hard and heavy, like a bar brawl in your front room.

The band have been together since 2007 and have released 3 EP’s so far but this is their first album and whilst it’s not going to win any prizes for originality it is great entertainment. Down and dirty bar-room rock is the name of the game here and from the opening track of ‘Bigger, Better, Badder’ you know exactly what to expect. If you like early ‘DC and Airbourne then you’re going to love this!

Crack out the tinnies, crank up the volume and dive head first into The Deep End!  ****

David Wilson

PERFECT CRIME – Perfect  Crime

Perfect Crime

LifeMusic [Release date – out now]

Perfect Crime are here to bring you metal from Moscow. The Russian rockers have been building a following in their native land over the past three years and with this self-financed debut album they hope to broaden their horizons. The band have taken their cues from late 80’s and early 90’s American bands, such as Slaughter and Ugly Kid Joe, with big riffs and melodies. The music is very accessible from the hard rocking of ‘Into The Light’ to ‘Lookin’ For’, which is the big ballad of the album, all plough familiar territory.

Ultimately this is a well played metal album but not an essential purchase.   **1/2

David Wilson

RUSTED – Rock Patrol





Self release [Release date – out now]

The recipe for the Rusted rock cocktail appears to be two parts Maiden, one part Bon Jovi and a big slug of Aerosmith. Mixed well it produces highly enjoyable sleaze rock with a metallic edge. Classic 80’s rock obviously features heavily in the band’s record collection, the title track ‘Rock Patrol’ hints at early Maiden whilst the lighters in the air ballad ‘Last Stand’ owes a lot to Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead Or Alive’.

There are only so many songs in the world so chances are at some point a band will write something which sounds like you have heard it before. In that case it comes down to how well the track is conceived and performed. Rusted are well up to the task and each track stands on its own merit rather than sounding like a second rate parody. Only time will tell if this is enough to get the band noticed and to move them up the ranks.

I would recommend giving this one a listen and decide for yourself.  ***

David Wilson

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