Album Review: WHITE COAST REBELS – Hangin’ With The Bad Boys

WHITE COAST REBELS – Hangin’ With The Bad Boys

Self Release [Release date – out now]

White Coast Rebels may be a name familiar to anyone who has spent time on the sun kissed beaches of the Costa Blanca. The band are based in the holiday region and play regular gigs up and down the coast. You may also recognise the guys from the ITV programme ‘Benidorm’ as they featured as barman Leslie’s backing band as he sang the Shania Twain classic ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’ to great comedic effect.

Frontman and lead guitarist Jonny Hellraizer (possibly not his real name) describes the band’s sound as ‘cheesy rock/metal’. He is though being a bit hard on himself with this description  as the guys play some fine heavy rock.

Ok, all the rock clichés are in place across the course of the album, but the guys are masters in writing big songs with even bigger choruses which I could see going down a storm in a beer soaked bar full of sunburnt holidaymakers. I could also see the band doing well on a festival bill, good time, no-frills rock to put a smile on your face.

It states on the band’s biography that during the peak holiday periods they play up to 3 shows a day which has led to the guys sounding tight and polished on the album. Whether they are pumping out full pelt tracks like ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ and ‘Psycho’ or taking a more laid back approach on the odd ballad track the guys are spot on at all times.

Just to show an extra bit of versatility the last track is a country version of ‘ Buried and Dead’ which features earlier in the album as a full on rocker, I tip my ten gallon hat to the band for this fine effort.

This is a fun album from a band that are well worth catching if you happen upon them in downtown Benidorm.  ***1/2

Review by David Wilson

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