Brandon Boyd is best known for fronting Incubus, who have been on hiatus (more on their future plans below), released the excellent Sons Of The Sea album earlier this year. This was a collaboration with producer Brenden O’Brien and it is highly recommended. He has also recently been cast to play the part of Judas Iscariot in an upcoming US arena tour of the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’…

1. What are you currently up to? (recording, gigs, plans etc.)

I am preparing to do a huge US and Canadian tour of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I am playing the role of Judas Iscariot and it’s playing in arenas all summer long. I have never done anything like it before so I am thrilled about the opportunity to step so far beyond my comfort zone! I am also still trying to invite people to listen to my new album called Sons of the Sea. It’s a new music project I wrote with producer Brendan O’Brien and the album is a real trip.

2. How did Sons of the Sea come together?

Brendan and I had mused about writing together for many years and finally had the time and the space to try it out. The results were a lot of fun.

3. The SOTS album is excellent. Have you been pleased with the reviews and fans reaction to the album?

I have been blown away at the reaction from both the listeners and the music press. Thank you guys. Now I just need to figure out how to get invited to come and perform overseas!

4. How did the recent European book signings go? Which form do you find easier to create in, art or the written word?

The signings were a lot of fun and a little nuts. One usually begets the other. I don’t know which medium comes easier to me, I just know I have an overwhelming desire to pursue them both. I feel incomplete otherwise.

5. How has the reaction been to the video of ‘Come Together’? How important is it for a band to have a video presence on YouTube and do you see new fans checking your music out as a result?

The reaction to that video has been wild. I think most people that have seen it really thought it was fun and sticky. But occasionally I have encountered people having negative reactions to it, though I sort of expected that. God forbid I make things that are too safe and or complacent. Neither of those things ever made art worth a damn.

6. You’ve been cast as Judas Iscariot for a US arena tour of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. How did you land the role and do you have to train your voice any differently given that it’s a set show each night and unlike say at a concert you can’t vary the set.

The opportunity came via a phone call from a friend in the business asking if I would be interested. To which I said, “Can I think about it for a week?” I wouldn’t want to go into something so radically different from what I know without making an educated decision. So I thought on it, conferred with friends and trusted peers and came to the conclusion that I would be a fool to pass up playing that role in the greatest rock opera to ever exist! I am currently preparing for it by watching the movie ‘Rocky’ over and over again.

7. How important is social media like Facebook, Twitter etc for the band in getting your music out there and communicating with your fans?

Social media has become hugely important for us. Especially in the absence of a record label and other old school methods of reaching people. We used to collect people’s home address’, draw flyers, put stamps on an envelope and mail info to people. It was fun and creative but time consuming and expensive.

8. What is the current status with Incubus? Is anything planned in the near future?

We are still taking a break from things but talking happily about reconvening early next year to write some new music.

9. Who have been the biggest influence on your music and art and why?

That is too big a question to answer here accurately. But I will say that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the people, artists and musicians that inspired me. I am continually humbled by the talent and creativity that we are all capable of.

10. Anything else to add and a message for your fans…

I love you guys and I hope to see you sooner than later!

In his show on Get Ready to ROCK! Radio on Sunday 29 March David Randall featured a selection of tracks from “Albums of the Month” (January-March 2020) (29:45)

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14:00-16:00 GRAHAM GOULDMAN Modesty Forbids (Lojinx)

Power Plays w/c 30 March (Mon-Fri)

LOUISE LEMON Devil (Icons Creating Evil Art )
BLACK ORCHID EMPIRE Winter Keeps Us Warm (indie)
ONE DESIRE Shadowman (Frontiers)
CRYSTAL IGNITE Black Mamba (indie)
PICTURESQUE ATTN: (Rude Records/Equal Vision Records)
SKARLETT RIOT Human (indie)

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