Album review: THE RADIO SUN – Wrong Things Right

MelodicRock Records [Released 19.05.14]

The Radio Sun may be releasing their debut album, however the keen pop rock fan will notice that the core of the band were in the much missed Square One (vocalist Jason Old, guitarist Steve Janevski and drummer Ben Wignall were all in that band) who released the excellent ‘Supersonic’ album a few years ago. This album has been produced by Paul Laine (Danger Danger) who knows a good tune when he hears one and the album is chock full of memorable hooks and choruses.

The title track gives you a good idea of what this band are all about from the harmony vocal intro through the power pop guitar chords and suitable keys added here and there. Vocalist Jason Old has a highly melodic vocal and brings to mind Rick Springfield at times. On a song like ‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’ the guitar riffs and harmony vocals have you bopping around the place! The band are like Vega in the fact that they add a modern sound to the classic 80′s melodic rock/pop rock sound, although Vega are a tad heavier overall. In fact the sweet melodies just never stop, ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ is a joy to listen to and Nelson would love a tune like ‘Goodbye’.

An assured and enjoyable debut album and imagine if this band toured with say Vega and Nelson, you’d be in melodic rock heaven!


Review by Jason Ritchie


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