Album review: POSSESSION – Anneliese

POSSESSION – Anneliese

Iron Bonehead / Invictus – Out Now.

Possession are an underground Black/Death Metal quartet for which not much information can be found, other than the fact that they were first formed back in 2012 and that they are signed with Iron Bonehead/Invictus records.

Following the release of last year’s four track demo “His Best Deceit”, the band decided to keep a healthy momentum going by recording “Anneliese” – a 7’’ EP which has been granted a limited release of 1,000 copies by their German label.

The thing I was afraid of the most, prior to listening to the two compositions on offer, was of this being another average Black Metal band with a bad sound and leaning more towards creating noise rather than decent compositions.

Well, even though the production of this 7’’ is bordering on good demo quality and the songs are hardly original in their scope and approach, the end result is actually fairly enjoyable.

Side A consists of the same-titled “Anneliese”, a six minute up-tempo Black Metal composition whose vocals are heavy influenced by early-day Darkthrone but whose riffs, while similarly harsh and crisp as those of the legendary Norwegians, operate at a more rhythmical and catchy tempo .

V.Viriakh produces unholy screams almost as much as harsh shouting vocals, an approach that has clearly benefited the slower and much more atmospheric “Apparition”.

Massively influenced by early 80s Sodom, the solid riffs and, at times, bombastic drumming of five-minute compositions are enough to convince the average Black Metal fan that Possession are a band worthy of attention.

If the purpose of this 7’’ EP is to generate interest in the band in the wake of a hopefully equally enjoyable full length album, then “Anneliese” has been successful on both fronts.

There is something slightly different about these four Belgians that makes them stand out from the crowd – a quality that I cannot quite yet put my finger on, but which will hopefully reveal itself in the band’s future releases.

John Stefanis

Rating: ***1/2 (3.5/5.0)

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