Album review: MANUMIT – Digital and Hostile

MANUMIT – Digital and Hostile

Lost Generation Records  [Release date - 01.09.14]

Manumit is a solo artist from Bridgend in Wales. Influenced by the likes of Pendulum and Paramore he attempts to ‘bond genres’. A DVD will also be released alongside the album.

Manumit’s sound is light rock, synth heavy, melodic and top heavy, there is little bass in evidence. The tracks all seem fairly similar, a fair bit of screaming alongside the melody, quite fast paced and upbeat, a little goes a long way though. After five songs you begin to lose interest.

One track of note though is ‘Your Body Giving Up’, this has a female singer , Tanyth, which is a break from the rest of the album however it is the weakest track. Best track for me was ‘Can You Hear Us’, a catchy chorus, screams and a fast pace accompanied by bouncy synth, not bad!

I had assumed the whole album was a solo effort but live the band has four members, Manumit on vocals/guitar/keys, Skullfunk on screams/vocals, Larusso on guitars and Bandit on drums.

This is not a bad album as such but it is definitely not one I will be listening to again.  **

Review by CJ

Album Review: COLT 45 – The Tide Is Turning

Colt 45 - The Tide Is Turning

Visible Noise  [Release date - 28.07.14]

Colt 45 are a trio from Cumbria and The Tide Is Turning is their debut album. They describe themselves as punk/rock/punk and ‘melodic punks’. Colt 45 are indeed melodic but not, to my mind anyway, punk.

The Tide Is Turning has eleven tracks and all are fairly similar in style, melodic, upbeat and light rock. Perhaps in the live setting the guys are more punchy, if so, it doesn’t come across in this recording.

Colt 45 had a single played on BBC Radio 1 in January, a fitting place to hear them I think. They have played Download, a small slot, and have supported Young Guns in the past, a band I had the misfortune to hear at Download last year.

The music is ably played by drummer Adam Lewis and by Gareth Jenkins, frontman is Neil Harper, who I presume is the singer. Unfortunately the vocals are poor, sounding strained throughout, Harper must have a sore throat after gigs.

A few songs of note for me were ‘595’, ‘Time Will Tell’ and ‘Found My Home’, these were a bit punchier and more to my liking. ‘I Thought I Knew Best’ begins with a very familiar sounding riff and after racking my brains I have dredged it up, ‘Song For Whoever’ by The Beautiful South!  Not one I really wanted to remember though I’m afraid.

The Tide Is Turning is a very polished album and the guys should be proud of themselves for turning out a very professional sounding debut.  **1/2

Review by CJ

SUSAN AQUILA – Broken Angel

Original Kitchen Records [Out now]

Susan Aquila is a very accomplished electric violin player who has either appeared live supporting or recorded with a number of big names including Steven Tyler, Deep Purple and KD Lang. This solo album sees her singing too, although I am afraid it is the vocals that put me off as they lack the power required for some of the bombastic tunes on this album like ‘The 120’. The violin playing is top draw as you’d expect and maybe if another vocalist has been used I would have enjoyed this more. **1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

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