Album review: DIE NO MORE – Elected Evil

DIE NO MORE – Elected Evil



Rocksector Records [Release date – 03.11.14]

Die No More are a band that are causing a bit of a buzz at the moment. A lot of positive comments have been made and with the release of this, their debut album, big things are expected. The guys hail from Carlisle and by the sound of the album they like their metal to come with a thrash edge.

There are 8 tracks on the album and the one thing which springs to mind when listening through the record is how close it sounds to ‘…And Justice For All’-era Metallica but without the complexity which is a good thing in my book. Vocalist Marc Farquhar sounds uncannily like James Hetfield which also adds to the Metallica comparison.

The band however prove that they have the musical ability to live up to the Metallica-like billing with some excellent metal and thrash contained within each of the tracks. Opener ‘Dark World’ rocks hard and heavy riding on a wave of huge riffs from Farquhar and lead guitarist Kev Smith. ‘Soul Destroyer’ follows and it really does sound like an outtake from ‘…And Justice’.

The quiet intro to the track ‘Absentia’ has echoes of ‘Wherever I Roam’ but the rest of the track is pure Die No More. That’s the thing, although you can reference each song, the band manage to put their stamp on the tracks to ensure they don’t come across as some kind of tribute act.

My favourite track on the album is the closer ‘Oblivious’ which I think is the song which gets closest to what Die No More are all about. This track is a more straightforward metal number influenced by the likes of Maiden and Judas Priest and for me this is the direction the band should be heading.

This is a great debut from a band with a depth of talent. The Metallica comparisons, for me, are hard to overlook and I fear that this may turn some people off which would be a shame.  Die No More are a band worthy of the hype and capable of writing songs of a high calibre, hopefully this album will be a solid base on which to build a bigger following.  ***1/2

Review by David Wilson

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