BERLIN BREAKS – Berlin Breaks EP

Self Release   [Release date - Out now]

Berlin Breaks are a brand new band from Salt lake City, Utah. According to their facebook page they were founded this year and, if so, it shows.

The foursome have produced a six track EP and claim to be ‘gritty and exciting’. However their sound is not very gritty or exciting. The voice of Richard Dean is monotonous and he appears to have a very limited vocal range.

All the tracks are similarly lacking in excitement, nothing really of note apart from  a few nice guitar key changes in track four, ‘Wasting Away’, which is a slower number but again it fails to set the world on fire.

Perhaps the guys sound better live, perhaps they just need to gain more experience or perhaps they really are not very good.  *1/2

Review by CJ

BLACK ACES – Hellbound EP
Bad Reputation  [Release date 25.09.14]

Black Aces are a quartet from Victoria, Australia. Claiming inspiration from the likes of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo I was hoping for some great fun rock and roll maybe with some of the energy of Airbourne?

You can definitely hear the influences but the dreadful high pitched, screaming vocals of Tyler Kinder will have you reaching for the off button before the end of the first track! His vocals are like a higher pitched version of Geddy Lee of Rush in his early ‘helium’ vocal period.  Unfortunately you can’t review an EP you haven’t listened to all the way through so I persevered.

The music itself is ok, exactly what you expect from the blurb, well played rock and roll, however it is totally ruined by the vocals.

Sorry guys, if I want AC/DC I will listen to the real thing.  *1/2

Review by CJ

Flight 49 – That Smell of Sweat and Sin EP

Welsh ensemble Flight 49 have produced debut EP ‘That Smell of Sweat and Sin’, and this 6 track offering is not bad. You would be hard pushed to name all of the bands influences as they are many and varied, however, the guitars on ‘For A Flag’ give a nod to Iron Maiden, as they do on ‘TMPM’ although the vocals here have shades of old school Aerosmith (mostly down to the vocal harmonies).

‘Rage’ showcases Flight 49′s ability to switch between light and shade sound wise but it is the EP’s closing track that is the biggest surprise here- a cover of Dolly Parton’s ’9 to 5′.

Flight 49 sound like they are going to be a good bet to watch live.  ****

Review by Nikk Gunns

Justin Lerner – 18th Avenue EP

Opening with the up tempo ‘Summer Days Ain’t Over’ this 6 track EP is influenced by Springsteen and latter day Bon Jovi, it’s easy to hear and fans of both will enjoy the appeal of ’18th Avenue’. Of the 6 tracks, 3 are on the slower slide- these are ballad like ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, title track ’18th Avenue’ (which features some of the best guitar work on the EP) and ‘Drive You Home’, and although the remaining songs are livelier you wouldn’t necessarily describe them as heavier.

’18th Avenue’ is a well written collection of songs that are made for US radio, Justin Lerner is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  ****

Review by Nikk Gunns

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