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The Trews

[Release date 29.04.14]

The Trews are, like Collective Soul, a band who have released a string of enjoyable albums yet fly mostly unnoticed under the mainstream musical radar. I only knew this album was out when it was given away with a recent issue of ‘Classic Rock’ magazine (if memory serves me right the second Trews album to be given away by the magazine).

The band has been around since 1997 and this is their fifth album, which has already charted at number three in the album charts in their native Canada. They have said in interviews they have gone back to the sound of their earlier albums and the opening duo of ‘Rise In The Wake’ and ‘Age Of Miracles’ are good examples of this.

Both explode out of the speakers full of intent and the distinctive vocals of Colin MacDonald, highly melodic with a hint of a gruff edge. Hard to compare them to another band really, maybe a little of the Black Crowes and the commercial end of R.E.M.’s output. Even then that doesn’t really do the band justice, they have their own unique sound.

The band mix things up nicely with the pop refrain of ‘The Sentimentalist’ built on a jangly riff and driven along nicely by the rhythm section. ‘Where’s The Love’ is the sort of anthem U2 would love to write. It is so damn catchy, reminds me of their classic ‘Montebello Park’ song.

‘In The Morning’ is a lovely acoustic number, featuring a few nice harmonies from fellow Canadian Serena Ryder. Nice dip into the jangly pop of the 1960’s on ‘Living The Dream’, again the melodious vocals of Colin MacDonald shine through. I doubt anyone would not be singing along to ‘Under The Sun’ after just one listen. In an ideal world this would a radio airplay staple.

Another great album from the Trews and folks get a copy of this fine album; don’t let this album pass you by.  ****1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

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