Album review: KYLE GASS BAND

SPV [Released 27.04.15]

Kyle Gass is one half of Tenacious D, the other half being Jack Black. This is Kyle striding out on his own, with the help of a hand picked bunch of fellow musicians.

It will come as no surprise that the lyrics are firmly tongue in cheek, or as is often the case with Tenacious D, tongue in various parts of female anatomy! This is what Steel Panther would be like if they listened to prog rock and classic rock, albeit the Kyle Gass Band would argue they are better looking. Take the song ‘Gypsy Scroll’, an epic tale laced with guitar solos and CSNY approved vocal harmonies. They even go all Led Zeppelin on ‘Dyin’ Day’ and are obviously aiming for a Grammy for the lyrics on ‘Bro Ho’.

They do no nonsense, heads down boogie well on ‘Our Job To Rock’ (the guitar riffs alone make this a must listen) and ‘Getting The Band Back Together’.

The band do create good music and the main man Kyle Gass does lay down some mean flute and recorder when required. Vocalist Mike Bray is a good find, having the sort of vocal that wouldn’t seem out of place on a long lost 70′s rock album. He actually reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult’s Buck Dharma at times.

The lyrics may be cheeky but the band are talented and the tunes do stand up to repeated listens. If you like 70′s flavoured US classic rock and Tenacious D you will enjoy this. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

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