Interview: MANY THINGS (June 2015)

Michael Tomlinson of Many Things gives us the lowdown on their debut album ‘Burn Together’, along with some top tips for the band’s fans…

What have you got planned for the next few months e.g. recording, touring, etc.

We’re just getting ready to release our debut album later in the summer. Things have been really busy organising everything around the release and they’ll be plenty to look out for both live and at radio in the coming months.

Could you please take us through the songs on your debut album ‘Burn Together’? (e.g. song writing process, stories behind the songs etc.)

I was in a toy store the other day and there was this ukulele – I am interested in buying a ukulele, so I went up and checked it out. On the box was written “Music is what feelings sound like”. Now that I think of it, that pretty much sums up ‘Burn Together’.

This album has been coming together through three years. It is a document of our lives and our progression as a band. Almost all the songs are catharsis, they’re about taking a (often bad) feeling and making it into something good. Something that will carry you through. The overall sentiment is possibly best captured in the chorus of ’77’ – “I need to believe when darkness is all I see that somehow there’s a light that still shines on me”.

We often joked that if we didn’t have such uplifting songs, we would have broken up long ago. We hope it’s the kind of thing where you could dance or you could cry, get you through a break up or be the start of an excellent Friday night.

You are currently a three piece. What happened to Frederik Tyson-Brown and any plans to replace him?

Being in a band isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world and Freddie had some more pressing issues he had to attend to – don’t worry, in this story everyone lived happily ever after. We’ve really enjoyed the transition to the trio and I think that’s how we carry on until we start touring with the brass section.

How important is it to have YouTube videos available to promote the band’s music? Do you find you get sales/downloads on the back of YouTube and Soundcloud?

The thing about the internet is there’s more than one way to skin a cat…

You could be a vine phenomenon, instagram celebrity, twitter maven or even have a particularly popular tumblr – It’s strokes for folks, both for the band and the fan. For example we did a tour a while back with Panic! at the Disco and we found after each show more and more people were subscribing to our Youtube, sometimes even during the show. Other times it’s Soundcloud or another platform.

Anyway I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking – if it’s just that, then the answer is ‘Yes’ & ‘Yes’. If you’re trying to prompt some counsel I’d say: “They’re all really useful and they all intertwine so get them all. Make sure to name them all the same as well, makes you more searchable ; )”

How did the recent shows with Is Tropical go?

It was EXCELLENT. They are a great band and great guys – they even gave me a lift to the airport in their Porsche. Our time on tour was spent in a charming motor home which transported us all over Europe while we slept. I would encourage you all to go see them next time they play near you (they were voted 4 best live act in Spain just behind Future Islands dontcha know). We’ve got plans to go on tour together again in the future, where we can revive the myriad of personal jokes we penned whilst in that magical camper.

Many Things

What would you like the band to achieve by the end of this year?

For as many people to hear about Burn Together as possible. That and I need to get my VISA. Maybe release a Christmas single too. I’m sure it’ll be a long list by November.

What has been the favourite live show(s) to date and why?

It’s strange because it’s often hard to remember the shows where everything went perfectly – in fact because of the adrenalin I often can’t remember all that much about performances. The ones that always stick out are the unusual ones where it somehow comes good (I tend to suppress the memories of the really bad ones).

Once at the Great Escape festival the PA kept overheating and cutting out every 15 seconds, so it was just me and Macks making up for it. The whole situation was just infectious, soon everyone was getting into it. Another time in New York a microphone kept electrocuting me. This is a very unfortunate thing that sometimes happens – in the process of singing you get very mild electric shocks repeatedly, right in the face (this makes you forget the lyrics). I took off my sock and put it on the microphone. Then the sock got wet from my spit and conducted electricity even better. So I was getting even more electric shocks and licking my own foot. Glamorous right?

My favourite show recently was the Prague show on the Is Tropical tour – we were almost at the end of the tour and all feeling it. I woke up an hour before the show and really wasn’t sure if I could sing a note or not. Somehow we managed to channel exhaustion into this incredible burst of energy – it was the best show of the tour.

Outside of music what do you enjoy doing?

The usual things – eating, drinking, being merry. Macks loves bowling.

Message for you fans…

Thanks for your support and spread the word about Burn Together.

Also (Some stuff you most likely already do)


Be cool

Have conversations about issues like Women’s Rights

(And for that matter all the rights)

Don’t let the newspapers trick you into being an Islamophobe

Have fun

Eat healthy and get some exercise


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