Album review: THE POYNT – This Is American Royalty

THE POYNT – This Is American Royalty

Self release [Release date 02.01.15]

The cult of the ‘celebrity’ is a strange phenomenon. It would appear that anyone can now become famous overnight regardless of what talent they possess with the rise of social media and reality TV and the more outrageous the better it would appear. This album looks at this subject following the rise and demise of an ‘A’ list celebrity who, in the absence of a royal heritage, are used as a surrogate and are idolised, American Royalty if you like…

The album follows the downward spiral of fictitious actress Maria Narboni which is documented in snippets of radio and TV broadcasts between songs. Musically there is a lot to like with the guys playing hard rock in the vein of Alterbridge spliced with a bit of Queensryche.

Main man Eduardo Alarcon has a good voice and his guitar work is impressive especially on ‘Under The Sun’ which is possibly the best track on the album. With the subject matter and the Alterbridge-like melodies the album does become a bit maudlin. I suppose it is a fair reflection on modern life at times but I prefer to listen to music for enjoyment and to put a smile on my face, I was ready to look up the Samaritans phone number by the end of my second listen.

A decent album then from a solid and tight band, not one to get the party started though.  ***

Review by David Wilson

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