Loose/Thirty Tigers [Release date 09.10.15] www.israelnash.com

Israel Nash has already earned some plaudits for his previous album, 2013′s ‘Israel Nash’s Rain Plans’. The one thing that instantly comes to mind upon hearing this album for the first time is Neil Young, as Israel Nash’s vocals are very similar to Mr Young’s. Even the dreamy, psychedelic musical backdrop recalls Neil Young. Nash is no copycat, he just creates music that will appeal to fans of Neil Young and those extended instrumental wigouts so beloved of US bands.

Highlights include the musical workout on ‘LA Lately’ and ‘Willow’, a haunting tune that works its way into the listener’s musical memory banks. On the basis of this album you can see why Israel Nash’s gets the glowing reviews, well worth a listen. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie


Five Five Diamonds [Release date 20.11.15]

This is Imaginary People’s full length debut release, having previously released an EP about espionage related songs, as you do. The vocals of Dylan Von Wagner are very distinctive, recalling David Byrne at times especially on the opener ‘Simple Life’.

‘Summerstock’ is a great song, with its whip crack guitar and indie dance rock. ‘She Is’ really does remind you of Talking Heads, again quirky keys and a fast drum beat create that indie disco backdrop. Being honest the vocals and same paced beat on most of the songs do drag on repeated plays, although do listen to ‘Summerstock’ a real gem of a tune. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie


(EP) iTunes

The eponymous debut EP from Nashville’s Ferris & The Wheels comes from a relatively new band but a band with plenty of pedigree. The EP has a sense of fun throughout and is a good blend of influences- opening track “Stuck In This Dam Hole”, for example, will appeal to fans of hair metal, grunge and late 90’s rock whilst maintaining a modern feel (the instrumental break into the outro is outstanding and is like Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe screaming over a plane taking off- I cannot recommend it enough). “I Got Something” features an great vocal riding over the top of, what I would imagine, is a very tight live band.

“Typical” and “Last Parade” are more quirky, fun mid 90’s indie feeling tracks whilst the album closer “Found It” has an overall slower approach. “Mania” however is a great punk edged rock track with bursts of almost trash like double bass drumming.

Vocalist and songwriter Geoff Ferris has put together a great band here in brothers Dylan and Josh Ayers (drums and bass respectively) and guitarist Jake Lenter. Let’s hope they make it as far as Europe for some live shows. ****

Review by Nikk Gunns


www.lastgreatdreamers.com [Release date 09.11.15]

The Last Great Dreamers picked up some good press coverage including ‘Best New Band’ from Kerrang! in the 90′s. They disbanded only to return last year and now we have this new single.

‘Dope School’ is a very catchy piece of glam tinged pop rock with a suitably massive hook filled chorus. The other new song is ‘White Light, Black Heart’, again this band know their way around penning a big chorus. Judging by these two new tunes there is more to come from the Last Great Dreamers and luckily for fans, both new and old, they are not content to trade on their 90′s output but want to keep on making new music. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

ROBIN AULD Back Of The Line

From Scotland to Zambia, the blues meets calypso.  It’s an almost unthinkable perversity.  But as they say about pornography, if you can type it into a search engine you can find pictures and videos or someone doing it. The human mind is boundless in its ingenuity.

Not that Robin Auld (born to Scottish parents in Zambia)’s material is in any way pornographic.  But it probably does have niche appeal.  With ‘husky’ vocals that fall somewhere between EC and Rod, and clearly sharing Eric’s love of the blues, Back Of The Line is a gentle potpourri of blues, roots, African, folk and calypso influences.

It’s the sort of stuff you might find at Womad, and at times it’s infectious – ‘Save A Little Something’ is guaranteed to have hips bumping and the blues lead lines are uninhibited, simple and inspired, while the seductive ‘Only When You Smile’ has dark compelling undercurrents.

But unless multicultural roots happens to appeal, Back Of The Line’s ‘loose’ groove is likely to bewilder as often as it enchants.  **

Review by Pete Whalley

On Sunday 28 July 2019, David Randall celebrated his 600th show. “Assume The Position” started in June 2007 on UK City Radio before transferring a year later to Get Ready to ROCK! Radio. The show includes tracks played on the first show plus Upton Blues Festival highlights, new music and the regular features “Live Legends” and “Anniversary Rock” which this week celebrates the Island Records label 60th anniversary.

Listen in to Get Ready to ROCK! Radio…
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Power Plays w/c 19 August (Mon-Fri)

BEFORE FIRE Dead Eyes (indie)
SCOTT & MARIA Never Give Up (indie)
CORELEONI Queen Of Hearts (AFM Records)
BERLIN Transcendance (Cleopatra Records)
PHIL CAMPBELL These Old Boots (Nuclear Blast)
PHIL LANZON Blue Mountain (Phil Lanzon Ditties/Cargo Records UK)

Featured Albums w/c 19 August (Mon-Fri)

09:00-12:00 SOLEIL MOON Warrior (Frontiers)
12:00-13:00 ROXY BLUE Roxy Blue (Frontiers)
14:00-16:00 DREW HOLCOMB & THE NEIGHBORS Dragons (Magnolia Music/Thirty Tigers)

Albums That Time Forgot (Mon-Fri)

JAMES STEVENSON Everything’s Getting Closer To Being Over (2013)

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