OTHERKIN – The 201

Irish band Otherkin release this rather good four song EP. They have four indie disco floor fillers on this EP that’s for sure’ ‘AY AY’ is a like a bouncy child with it’s relentless, yet catchy guitar riffs and chorus. ‘Feel It’ and ’20 To 11′ both stay in your head after just a couple of listens, with the the latter reminding me a little of the Pixies. Shades of QOTSA on ‘Love’s A Liability’, again they have a tune that just keeps coming back into your head!

Very impressive EP and worth checking out as Otherkin are a cracking indie rock band.  ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

www.facebook.com/beardedythqst [Release date 24.08.15]

Great band name if nothing else, luckily Bearded Youth Quest are very good and make enjoyable progressive instrumental music. They have three guitarists, so there is plenty of scope to create complex soundscapes when required.

Picking highlights is hard as it is all good, however the guitar rhythms on ‘Banana Flip-Flop’ are a delight to the listener’s ears. The heavy riffery of ‘Percy’ and ‘U=Nobody’ have appeal for fans of the heavier end of progressive music. Quite amazing the sounds they create without the aid of keyboards or synths.

In many ways instrumental albums, unless a film score, are hard sells as many music lovers like to hear a good vocal. Luckily this band have kept the songs short, at under four minutes in most cases and crammed in lots of melodies and musical ideas. Go chekc them out for a varied and enjoyable musical ride. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

MAJOR INSTINCT – Roots & Branches
AOR Heaven [Release date 27.11.15]

Major Instinct is the new band formed by M.ILL.ION founder and main songwriter/bassist B.J. Laneby. He suffered a major health scare when M.ILL.ION were touring the UK last year and this led to a re-evaluation of the band and what he wanted to achieve musically, hence this new band. He is joined by vocalist Stefano Marchesini (ex-Human Race), former M.ILL.ION drummer Johan Häll, guitarist Magnum Mild and Gabriel Glamheden on Hammond & keyboards.

Major Instinct have a major love of Deep Purple that’s for sure! The Hammond playing is high in the mix on songs like ‘High Five’ and the good time feel of ‘I Need A Drink’. In fact the Hammond and guitar playing throughout the album are most impressive. ‘One In A Million’ deals with B.J. Laneby’s health scare and there is a decent re-working of the M.ILL.ION song ‘Follow The Trends’.

I am not overly taken by the vocalist and being honest I preferred M.ILL.ION, that said this is a new era and I certainly  have my interest tweaked enough on here to be ready for their next musical offering. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie


Mexican Summer [Released 06.11.15]

Soldiers of Fortune is a supergroup made up of various members of Oneida, Chavez, Endless Boogie and Zwan, who have consistently referred to themselves as an anti-band. This means no rehearsing, no writing ahead of recording, and almost no live shows. Well at least the (anti-)band have something a bit unique about them.

The best two songs are at the start of the album, both sung by Kid Millions. ‘Nails’ is a thrashy indie tour de force, like the Pixies on speed. ‘Cinnamon Man’ sounds like Neil Young and could be the perfect partner for Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’. Some of this goes to out there for my tastes like the miss-mash jamming on ‘Santa Monica’, although the Motorhead beat on ‘Kall Mi Kaos’ is good fun.

Interesting album that’s for sure, although bar three songs can’t see me playing the rest of the album much. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie

In his show broadcast on Get Ready to ROCK! Radio on 24 May David Randall played a further selection of artists and albums included in the new Features series, “2020 Vision”.

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Featured Albums w/c 25 May (Mon-Fri)

09:00-12:00 FM Synchronized (Frontiers)
12:00-13:00 THE ROCKET DOLLS The Art Of Disconnect (indie)
14:00-16:00 BEN KUNDER Searching For The Stranger (indie)

Power Plays w/c 11 May (Mon-Fri)

THE MERCY KILLS Alone (Golden Robot Records)
DEAD REYNOLDS By Your Side (indie)
THE JAILBIRDS Watery Grave (Golden Robot Records)
ALI MASS & MICKY MOODY These Times (Last Man Music)
MASSIVE WAGONS Bangin In Your Stereo (Earache)
UDO We Are One (AFM Records)

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