Album review: TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Noises From The Cathouse

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Noises From The Cathouse

Angel Air Records [Release date 05.02.16]

Remember the days when any self-respecting rock band had to have a “Y” replacing the “I” in its name, at least one umlaut over a vowel and the kind of curly-locked barnets which would cost women a fortune and most of Saturday afternoon to get?

“Noises” was originally recorded in 2003, unmistakably re-mixed by Chris Tsangarides and then “lost” upon release (being a euphemism for “not promoted and supported properly”) only to re-appear now as a re-issue on Angel Air Records.

And it will take you right back to the heady-banging days of NWOBHM (Not Without ‘Onour But Hardly Massive). Like countless nearly-big bands, the Tygers influenced many following the release of Spellbound and Wildcat…still the peak of their musical output.

Original axe-slinger Robb Weir has lovingly maintained the legacy since 2000 and this re-release will have considerable appeal to the nerds of the niche of NWOBHM and those of us who were there at the time of Samson, Diamondhead and early Maiden.

Sadly, I don’t think anyone sits around in their bedroom with the curtains closed in the middle of the day anymore, leaping up occasionally with the tennis racket in front of the mirror to celebrate the “classic solo”. I did that once with the head-phones on, eyes tight shut, probably to “Only You Can Rock Me’, ripping the solo…..only to find when I opened my eyes two minutes later, that my Mum had placed a cup of steaming hot tea on my bedside table…

The nostalgic, the collectors and the curious back-trackers will enjoy this band-composed collection with the proggy “Godspeak”, the meaty and Rainbow-indulgent “Master of Illusion”, the riff-tastic “Highspeed Highway Superman” and “Slave to Freedom” providing highlights.

“Bad Bad Kitty” testifies to the Tygers ability to pair a slamming riff with a hooky chorus whilst “Three In A Bed” resonates with an early Van Halen-esque romp, jam and vocal…more like the commercially accessible “Love Potion No. 9” or “Paris By Air” of yore.

Not sure this is going to give birth to a new “Save The Tygers” intitiative – it snarls more than roars – but it’s a very competent and able offering from a bunch who clearly know what they’re doing. Great to see them hitting some European festivals and Brazil in early 2016.  ***1/2

Review by Mark “Mad Dog” Shaw

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