Album review: BEHOLDER – Reflections

Beholder - Reflections

Razorline [Release date 12.04.16]

Since 2003 Beholder have been tearing venues up all around the country. The band from the UK Midlands have been flying the flag for British Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal in the underground scene amassing a respectable following in recent years.

This following most recently showed its dedication by funding the latest album, Reflections. The target reached its goal in under two hours.

Is this money well spent by their loyal fans? Let’s find out.

The album opens with the impressive ‘Frozen Steps of Utoya’ which blends heavy riffs with a hint of Gojira-esque vocals. It would be interesting to find out if Gojira influenced the band in the recording of the latest album. This song also features absolutely ridiculous drumming, everything was done perfectly in subtlety and in speed wrapping up just how you open an album.

The album continues in this fashion with song such as ‘Heal The Wounds’ and ‘Host’ which continues on in spectacular fashion. My only complaint so far is that with ‘Host’ the vocals seem to be just a little too quiet and often get cut out over the riffs.

Beholder are a band renowned for their live performance, creativity and emotion through music. They are also known for being able to quickly turn and include a level of ferocity in their music.

This band however is not limited to just one sound and ‘Killing Time’ is testament to just that. Opening up on a more upbeat sound and the vocals also back this up. This song in particular is where I can hear another potential influence in Mastodon. Both vocals and guitar work blend perfectly and pull you in straight away.

The best track of the album for me has to go to ‘My Revolution’, which from the start just has that something different to it. The way in which the song progresses in both a fierce manner whilst still cutting back to a more timid place often just adds to the impressive nature of this song. This song is one that will force you get onto your feet and move, something which will be insane live and particularly would no doubt go down well as a finishing song.

Overall this album is a very well put together album however at times the vocals tend to be drowned out and this is mainly due to the complexity of everything out with the vocals. At times it’s easy to get lost in this album and that is certainly not a bad thing.

The main selling point for this album is how unique it is. By unique I mean it is an album you could lay back in bed and look at the ceiling for hours and not bat an eyelid with however instark contrast you could be in the middle of a pit in a tiny venue having some guy kick your head from your shoulders (pit etiquette folks!).

One thing I can say though, with this album. Beholder are back…  ****

Review By Dillon Grant

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