Album review: THE SENTON BOMBS – Mass Vendetta

THE SENTON BOMBS - Mass Vendetta

7HardRecords [Release date 15.04.16]

This is the Senton Bombs fourth album and they have been plugging away for the past decade. I have not heard any of their previous albums but based on this one I will soon remedy that oversight. The band consists of Joey Class (vocals/bass), Damien Kage (guitars/vocals), Scott Mason (drums) and Johnny Gibbons (guitar/vocals).

Opener ‘Trailblazer’ gives a fair assessment of what the band are all about – intense rock ‘n’ roll  riffs, tight ass rhythm and the vocals of Joey Class who sounds like is a US singer, yet the band hail from Blackpool.  Well it is famous for its rock… (no more bad puns honest). This and the lead off track, ‘Mainstream’, really reminded me of Buckcherry around the time of their first couple of albums. A lot of press coverage mentions Guns ‘N’ Roses, which you can hear at times, often in the Slash approved solos.

The band sound so American it is uncanny at times. Take ‘Out West’, a mid paced number, listening to this you’d think you were listening to Tesla. Yet the title track has a fast, almost punk beat and is like the Backyard Babies crossed with Michael Monroe on speed. ’13 Days’ follows in the same fast groove and loving that bass line.

The Senton Bombs have the songs and the musical variety to get them noticed more. The closing track ‘Apex’ has a Sabbath-like riff, showing the band take many musical influences, mix them up and create a sound that it is their own, yet has familiarity to draw in fans of the aforementioned bands. Good time hard rock is in safe hands and if their live show is half as good as this album, they won’t remain a musical secret for long.  ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

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