PAPERNUT CAMBRIDGE Love The Things Your Lover Loves

An album full of trippy, bubblegum pop – these types of bands were ubiquitous in the ‘70s, think early Small Faces with Steve Mariott-type, easy-on-the-ears ditties (though not his pipes) but you don’t hear so many of them these days which is why this is quite a cool album from former Death in Vegas man, Ian Button. Watch out because there are tunes on here which will end up on movie soundtracks or TV ads and you’ll go “oh yeah, Papernut Cambridge….” in a knowing, underground uber-cool kind of way. Music for skipping through fields of daisies on a late summer’s afternoon before picnicking on a red and white checked table-cloth – check it out, pretty darn good. ****

SULFUR CITY Talking Loud

Bluesy, Doors-y, lady-fronted outfit from the northern mining territories of the Canadian wasteland. Good sound if a bit formulaic. Comparisons abound with Janis Joplin and Patti Smith but honestly, it’s more Elkie Brooks-smooth. Lead singer, Lori Paradis, needs to go gargle gravel and get back on the Marlboro’ Reds before creating any meaningful disruption in what is a crowded playing field these days.

KING MUD Victory Motel Sessions

This, as they say, is the SHIT. Left Lane Cruiser/Black Diamond Heavies collaborators, Freddy J IV and Van Campbell team up with guitarist Parker Griggs from pysch-jammers, Radio Moscow, to bring you sweaty, dirty and downright snarly blues. You’ll get grubby fingernails and blisters just un-wrapping this one. Filed away in the genre “Electric Bungalow” (WTF ???), this is what you hear when you walk through the swing doors of a Mississippi juke joint just before some guy with a lazy eye and bad teeth holds a knife to your throat. Brilliant stuff. ****

THE BONEVILLES Arrow Pierce My Heart

See immediately above – just from Northern Ireland. If Rory had stuck punk-pins into his chequered-shirt, you’d have had this album a long time ago. Seasick Steve-riffage overlaid with Dr. Feelgood angst. Carlsberg don’t make Garage bands but if they did….. **1/2


New York City-based Buddy Holly-infused prom night-pop. If that’s your poison, this is your fix. There’s a rising resurgence in this stuff – clean guitars and lots of doo-waps….and your Mum and Dad will love it. **1/2

ULYSSES Law and Order

I’ve loved these guys since their excellent 2013 album “Kill You Again”…thinking man’s power-pop. They are from Bath and not Birmingham, after all and get written up in ‘The Guardian’ as well as ‘Classic Rock’. Okay I’m going to say it….The Beatles might have sounded like this in 2016. Brilliantly British-sounding songsmanship – you know how Levi’s make great jeans ? Ulysses write great songs – seems to be just what they do….easy, innit ? ***1/2


Italy’s Seasick Steve…..no, really !! One man-band type thing – not too shabby but not my thing either. It’s a long way from Rome, Italy to Rosedale, Mississippi – some things are just better left to the Yanks but hey, respect. **

BARISMANCO Kurtalar Ekspres

This only made the cut because it’s “another killer album by the Turkish legend, recorded with the same line-up as the Yeni Bir Gun album”….well, jeez – thank goodness for that ! These PR people, huh ? But in case you’re interested – this is EXACTLY the backing music you hear as Merlin the Magician floats around the stage, building up the tension before he saws a hapless blonde completely in half. I kid you not. **

Reviews by Mark ‘Mad Dog’ Shaw

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ZENITH MOON Gypsy (Golden Robot Records)
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THE RISING I Want You (indie)
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LA GUNS Well Oiled Machine (Golden Robot Records)

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