Lisa Weint - Vurbei


Three piece band from Austria who formed in 2012 and who consist of Markus Baumgartner (vocals) , Ronald Wintersteiner (synths/vocals) and Tomasz Ploszajski (guitar). The band have an interesting mix of the lighter metal moments of say Rammstein and a lot of latter day Depeche Mode.

The title track has an instant melody and the band have a good ear for melody, never over  extended songs with needless solos. ‘Vurbei’ is another string tune, highlighting the band’s knack of melding driving synths and guitars to good effect.

Check them out as Lisa Weint are well worth a listen and have producing an assured debut album.  ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

AVI ROSENFIELD Very Heepy Very Purple V


You may not have heard of Avi Rosenfield, however this is his 27th album, yes that’s right 27th! Mind you Avi has been playing the guitar since he was thirteen and certainly knows how to play Blackmore influenced solos.  The album title also gives a big clue of the music contained on here and it is a groovy mix of Rainbow, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple.

Avi composes the songs and plays the guitars, ably assisted by some stonking Hammond solos – have a listen to ‘Wanna Play Like Ritchie Blackmore’ and the playing of George Barabas. Nice cheeky gibe at Mr Malmsteen in this song! ‘Desert Butterfly’ on the other hand recalls the mighty Uriah Heep and vocalist Vahtango Zadiev has the air of David Byron in his vocal histrionics.

Maybe would have been nice to have one vocalist throughout as a couple don’t quite match the bombast of the music. That aside I would recommend any lovers of Heep, Rainbow and Deep Purple to give it a listen. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie





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