We catch-up with Steve Grimmett ahead of some South American dates and find out that there will be more from Grimmstine and the wonders of tea for singers…

What can fans expect from the new album ‘Walking In The Shadows’?

Hard hitting, old school, classic Grim Reaper metal!

It has been a long time since the last Grim Reaper studio album. When writing this new album did you want to write songs that were classic Grim Reaper in sound or a more updated version? (I ask as fans of classic bands often split into two camps, those who want a band to remain faithful to their glory days and others who like the band to move on, with a nod to their past in the sound.)

We wanted to keep the classic GR sound, after all that is who we are. We are not a commercialised band we are a classic, true to the sound and our fans, band.

How do you keep your voice in such good shape as many rock/metal vocalists start to lose their vocal power.

I am very blessed to have been able to keep my voice going with very little maintenance, but I am careful to knock any coughs or colds on the head straight away and keep away from people who are ill (if possible). As we are touring so much at the moment I do some vocal exercises, but nothing drastic. The secret is tea, and lots of it!

Was a follow-up to the GrimmStine album ever planned?

We are actually thinking about that at the moment. There’s plenty of songs written its just a case of choosing the ones to go on the album.

Why do you think Grim Reaper really took off in the US and mainland Europe, yet never really got the success they deserved in the UK?

I don’t know. Perhaps its because in the UK we only have one music chart that covers all genres of music. Even the big stadium bands struggle in the UK. We’re working on conquering it this time round though.

Are there any plans to re-issue the Lionsheart albums at all? Do any unreleased songs remain from that band?

Not at the moment, no.

Message for your fans…

I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for all your support over the years. With out you there would be no Steve Grimmetts Grim Reaper and I would not be doing what I love. Please come to one of my shows and say ‘hi’. I love meeting you all.

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Power Plays w/c 14 October (Mon-Fri)

SANGUINE Ignite (Odyssey Music)
GOODBYE JUNE Switchblade Heart (Earache)
SAINTS OF SIN Nasty Love (indie)
FLYING COLORS The Loss Inside (Mascot)
KEYWEST C’est La Vie (indie)

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09:00-12:00 DANGER ZONE Don’t Count On Heroes (Pride & Joy Music)
12:00-13:00 ECLIPSE Paradigm (Frontiers)
14:00-16:00 GALLAGHER & LYLE Live at De Montfort Hall, 1977 (The Store For Music)

Albums That Time Forgot (Mon-Fri)

ROBIN TROWER In The Line Of Fire (1990)

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