SAVIOUR - Let Me Leave

SAVIOUR Let Me Leave
UNFD [Release date 13.01.17]

Saviour hail from Perth, Australia having started out in 2011, releasing their debut album in 2013 and then they went on hiatus until October 2015. This is the band’s second album and the main focus is the vocal interplay between Shontay Snow and Bryant Best.

Now I am not normally a fan of hardcore music, however Saviour draw me in as they have the soothing and melodic vocals of Shontay Shaw, matched by the battering screamo vocals of Bryant Best. It works really well and the music has a soaring and epic quality like on ‘The Cool Calm’ and the quieter refrains on ‘April’.

Saviour have a little something extra to make them stand out from the crowded metal crowd and they are worthy of your attention. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie


Pride & Glory [Release date 24.02.17]

Jimi Anderson is the former vocalist with the tribute band A Foreigners Journey. On this, his debut solo album, he is joined by Sandy Jones (bass/guitars/drums) and Greame Duffin (lead guitars).

The music as you’d expect is highly polished AOR/melodic rock, reminding me more of Brian Howe-era Bad Company than either of the bands whose songs he covered previously. The album hits the spot on the slower/mellower numbers like ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ and ‘Feel Like Letting Go’, both highlight the powerful vocals Jimi Anderson possesses.

Jimi Anderson’s voice is certainly one to make the listener sit up and take notice, making for a solid album of melodic rock. If he hooked up with a ’name’ melodic rock band both would reap the benefits I am sure.  ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

Requestone Records [Release date 24.02.17]

Gary ‘Guitar’ Lammim is a member of the Bermondsey Joyriders and this is his debut solo release, however the gestation of it back dates to 2000-03 when the majority of this album was recorded. It was shelved following the death in 2005 of the album’s producer Dave Goodman and now finally gets a release after Gary contacted Dave Goodman’s widow who encouraged him to release the album.

Musically the album has a laid back and at times, psychedelic air to it, with Gary Lammin’s gruff toned vocals suiting the music well. Vocally reminded me of Guy Bailey and his band Thirsty, often speaking the lyrics. His guitar playing is a real treat, be it the acoustic blues on ‘Take More Care’, slide on ‘Memo To Anita’ or the more ‘trippy’ style on ‘All Opinion Will Eventually Change’. A nod to the Stones on ‘Is That Alright By You’, the most instant song and featuring Dave Goodman on piano/organ.

As Gary says in the press notes he doesn’t get why people release a solo album that sounds exactly like the band they are in, and on this album he explores musical avenues that the Bermondsey Joyriders would not venture down. Job done in that respect and it makes for a fitting tribute to the production and playing talents of Dave Goodman. ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

SCRATCHES Before Beyond
Czar Of Revelations [Release date 10.02.17]

Founded in 2010 by theatre director and singer Sarah-Maria Bürgin and theatre composer /guitarist/keyboardist Sandro Corbat, Scratches are a Basel-based four-piece band, delivering a unique brand of chillout, urban soul.

The follow up to their 2014 debut, Before Beyond is a moody collection dominated by sultry grooves and Bürgin’s throaty Gauloise-infused vocals that conjure smoke and mirror resonances of Grace Jones, Marianne Faithful, Bonnie Tyler and Annie Lennox.

Sparse cinematic soundscapes provide haunting canvases with splashes of colour provided by Corbat’s economical keys/guitar work.  It’s certainly not pop.  Or rock, but at times has elements of both.  Possibly the nearest reference point is some of the less commercial work of German synth band Propaganda. But Before Beyond defy categorisation.

Alternatively throbbing, pulsing, and shimmering, one minute light and breezy, the next broodily melancholic, the material constantly scratches to get under your skin, and if it’s mood music to accompany a nightcap you’re after, look no further.  But beware – slumber may provide no hiding place.  ***1/2

Review by Pete Whalley

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