EP review: ELASEA – Lesson Learnt (plus interview)

ELASEA - Lesson Learnt

ELASEA Lesson Learnt

www.facebook.com/elaseauk [Release date 17.03.17]

Second EP from Elasea and since their debut EP they have added keys/synths to their sound. This EP is produced by John Mitchell (Lonely Robot/Frost*/Arena), so you know the sound will be spot on and Elasea do create some epic soundscapes.

None more so than on ‘Breathe/Lesson Learnt’ where the vocals of Andy Bradford are complemented well by the backing vocals of bass player Liv Jones. They have a sound not dissimilar to You Me At Six, as both bands successfully meld alt-rock with catchy pop melodies. Depeche Mode come to mind on ‘On My Own’ and by adding keys/synths to their sound they have certainly produced big sounding tunes.

Highly recommended and a band that both an aging rocker like me and my daughter can both enjoy. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

A few questions with the band about their formation, EP and future plans…

Brief history of how Elasea came together and your musical sound…

Elasea came together over quite a few years with new members joining along the way. Liv joined early on bass and brought with her some huge musical influences, Andy came along later on with his cracking vocals and then finally Ash and Braydie finished the team with drums and synths.

Our musical sound comes from all of us bringing something different and I think that’s why our sound can change so often due to the different influences from all of us. The only way we could describe our sound would be alt-rock however its a broad spectrum we really want to explore to the fullest.

You have your new EP ‘Lesson Learnt’ out now. On this one you’ve now added keys/synths to the band’s sound and what has been the musical progression for the band since your debut EP?

Progression wise we’ve simply being going out all over the country playing gigs/tours. Playing live is what we live for and being able to share our music with everyone is our passion. Hopefully the new EP can bring that energy to everyone.

John Mitchell produces the EP. How did you hook up with him and how does he help a band like yourself sound/production wise?

We met John Mitchell via Outhouse Studios, he’s an incredibly talented guy who can really get a feel for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. He gets fully involved in the recording process and is more than happy to hand out advice to any band wanting to really capture their sound which is a massive help during the whole process.

What have Elasea got planned for the next few months…

For the next few months we’re aiming to be on the road as much as we can promoting the new E.P and getting it out to all corners of the country! We’re also aiming to start writing again so we can bring some new material to the table.

What is the band’s take on the current live scene in the UK? Are there many opportunities for the band to play live?

The current live scene in the UK has its ups and downs, you could be playing to anything between 2 and 200 people at any given show. There is never a better feeling than turning up to a show where no one knows who you are but the room is packed and everyone is having a great time. That’s what we would like to see with the UK live scene making a huge comeback.

There’s so many opportunities for bands to play live, there are some incredible venues dotted all over, sometimes in the most unlikely of places! A lot of bands tend to share with each other where the best places to play are so simply ask your friends!

Message for your fans and anything else to add…

The only message we could give to our fans would be to carry on what you’re doing. There has been so much support for us the whole way and we couldn’t even begin to explain how much we appreciate it. Anything from turning up to shows, buying merch, sharing our music with others helps us to carry on playing gigs and writing new material. So hats off to you guys!

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