Album review: THE AMORETTES – Haulin’ Ass


[Release date 16.06.17]

This is exactly what happens when testosterone bleeds across gender boundaries – three gal-rockers from Edinburgh, cunningly calling themselves The Amorettes – a cutesy name which suggests a motown-era backing group type deal….which they definitely ain’t !! I have to be a bit careful here but there is spunk (as in “attitude”) all over this unofficial first album, being re-issued to due popular fan demand, following Game On in 2015 and 2016’s White Hot Heat.

The Amorettes may lack perfection born of road-weariness and years of rock and roll-related abuse, but they more than make up for in grittiness and well….er….straightforward balls.

Furious riffage throughout and a great blend of that uniquely Scottish humor plus the rockstar’s oft-forgotten mantra of not taking yourself too seriously, The Amorettes are treading a well-worn path of Saxon/Girlschool-like NWOBHM but hey, that wheel never needed re-inventing as far as I can tell.

Tracks like “Talk Nerdy To Me” and “Whoot Woo” immediately give you the cut of The Amorettes’ gib – check out the band’s video for the latter – a crackin’ bit of role-reversal wit.

Either through savvy PR doing tour buy-ins or just being in the right place at the right time, The Amorettes are getting a high-heeled biker boot firmly on the radar, having supported such acts as ASH, Thunder, Black Stone Cherry, Airbourne, Danko Jones, Black Star Riders, Dead Daisies and GUN as well as tearing up tea-time slots on festivals throughout the UK and Europe.

With production of the newest album, White Hot Heat, by Sir Luke Morley of Thunderville, recording/mixing by Nick Brine (The Darkness, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, and Snow Patrol) and mastering by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, U2), The Amorettes are clearly not backward in coming forward to get the best help and advice – good move….means they’re at least in a life boat when navigating the shark-infested waters of the music world.

Whilst this first offering is as raw as a sandpapered blister, it’s a testament to The Amorettes progress that just two years after releasing their official debut album, fans are calling for a re-issue. Ballsy and sassy, The Amorettes sound as tight as a vice on “Pop Goes The Weasel” – good example of their innuendo-dripping riffology – not sure what your Mum would say if you brought an Amorette home but I think your Dad and all your rock-loving mates would be proud of you.  *** ½

Review by Mark “Mad Dog” Shaw

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