INGER LORRE Live at The Viper Room

Cargo Records [Release date 04.08.17]

Part grunge, punk ethic and totally unique, Inger Lorre is still as beautifully eccentric as she was back in the day s of The Nymphs. “Live at The Viper Room” has the feel of an official bootleg and is a welcome return featuring mostly Nymphs songs, a couple of solo tracks and a cover of Siouxsie and The Banshees “The Monitor”.

Lorre is a true character who has come up against many industry obstacles over the years, yet you’d never know she has been away for so long listening to this album. From the bluesy rumblings of “Rumble”, the almost tripped out country style of “7B” to the slow and haunting “The River”, with a tight backing band providing the crashing rhythms for the, at times, sound of a tortured soul to soar across this is a solid return to form.

New tracks “Snowflake” and “Hate In My Heart” are hopefully a sign of more new music to come whilst the likes of “Imitating Angels”, “The Highway”, “Death of A Scenester” and “Wasting My Days” are a reminder of what a great band The Nymphs were, and maybe also a pointer as to what they could have become had they not burned out early.

“Live at The Viper Room” is hopefully a new beginning and one that will see plenty more from Inger Lorre. ****

Review by Nikk Gunns


Lucky Bob Records

“Mercy on Me” is the fourth album from Swiss singer and songwriter Luke Gasser and is as consistently good as his previous efforts. In the past he has put a new album out every year and a half or so but this one has taken a little longer than usual as Gasser has been supporting the likes of Status Quo, Nazareth and Bob Geldof whilst promoting its predecessor “Rock n Roll Welfare” whilst also releasing a historical novel and making a documentary, so the man has been busy.

The feel of Gassers vocals on this album are almost Lemmy meets The Almighty at times and this is no bad thing as it suits both the band and the music well. The slow burning “Throw A Light” and slower songs like “Twinge of Sadness”, “Winter Rest” and “Rooster On A Prowl” are well placed amongst the albums twelve tracks and compliment the more upbeat material.

Highlights amongst the rest of “Mercy on Me” include “Cross My Heart ( and Hope To Die)”, “Strive (1225)”, “Hey , Hey, Hey (Pussyfooter)”, “Ruby, MD” and the album’s title track itself.

Luke Gasser has a solid backing band and promotion of this album will hopefully see them play throughout Europe this time. ***1/2

Review by Nikk Gunns


Cherry Red Records

Part 70’s Glam rock, part 80’s electronic goth and part Rocky Horror style theatricals Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show release new album “Planet Shockorama”.

Having started life as a band covering The Cramps and Alien Sex Fiend, it should come as no surprise that the best songs on the album are covers of Bowie’s “Scary Monsters”, Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine” and The Misfits’ “Teenagers From Mars”. Unfortunately quite a lot of the rest of the album feels like short, synth based incidental music to a stage show, although this is rescued in part by ”7 and 7 is”, the goth like “Outer Limits” and “Flying Saucers Rock and Roll”.

The band does have plans to tour the album and I think it will probably come over a lot differently in a theatrical setting. **

Review by Nikk Gunns

DEER TICK Vol 1 & 2

Partisan Records [Release date 15.09.17]

Deer Tick haven’t released anything new in over four years and now they are releasing two new albums at the same time. A double treat for their many fans.

Musically ’Vol 1′ features the more acoustic side, with many songs reminding me of Jake Bugg in the vocals for some reason! ‘Sea Of Clouds’ and ‘Hope Is Big’ are the pick of that disc, which to be honest didn’t really grab my attention. However, ‘Vol 2′ shows of the band’s punk/garage and indie sides, a much more listenable affair. Plenty to enjoy here, be it the Pixies like ‘It’s A Whale’ – loving the distorted guitar and organ on this one – or the punk pop of ‘Look How Clean I Am’. ’Tiny Fortunes’ mixes rock ‘n’ roll guitar and piano with a memorable melody, impressive stuff.

Fans will want both albums I am sure, however if you are new to the band ‘Vol 2′ seems a better bet. ***

Review by Jason Ritchie

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In this show, first broadcast on Get Ready to ROCK! Radio on 2 February 2020, David Randall plays a selection of tracks from some of the artists who impressed at this year’s Giants Of Rock event in Minehead (24-27 January).

Featured Albums w/c 17 February (Mon-Fri)

09:00-12:00 NEWMAN Ignition (AOR Heaven)
12:00-13:00 BLACK SWAN Shake The World (Frontiers)
14:00-16:00 CORMAC O CAOIMH Swim Crawl Walk Run (indie)

Power Plays w/c 17 February (Mon-Fri)

SHAKRA Turn The Light On (AFM Records)
THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Transmissions (Nuclear Blast)
RYDERS CREED Lost Soul (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)
FRAMING HANLEY Puzzle Pieces (Thermal Entertainment LLC)
ROBERT HART Mysterious (Escape Music)

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