PRIMAL FEAR - Best Of Fear

PRIMAL FEAR Best Of Fear Frontiers [Release date 10.11.17]

Primal Fear have been around since 1997 and to celebrate their twentieth year we have a two disc best of.

Disc one has four new songs, although one ‘Area 16′ is an instrumental and another is the band’s metallic run through Heart’s ‘If Looks Could Kill’. Really great version of the song. The other two songs – ‘Predator’ and ‘Thrill Of Speed’ – are typical Judas Priest, err sorry Primal Fear. The band do sound a lot like the mighty Priest at times, which is no bad thing.

Interestingly you can see how the band’s sound has progressed down the years as they added bigger arrangements and scope to their sound. Be it the duet with Epica’s Simone Simons on ‘Everytime It Rains’ – one of their best songs in my book - or the epic metal assault of ‘One Night In December’.

Primal Fear show no signs of slowing down with a new studio album due early next year. If you are new to the band start here. Good value with 37 songs and enough metal to shake the dandruff from even the most stubborn hair… ***1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

KRANKSCHAFT III Mysteries www.facebook.com/krankschaft/

On first listen to this album one band instantly spring to mind, Hawkwind and on digging a little deeper about the band they have a connection to said band, as Krankschaft originally included Robert Clavert, who was a member of Hawkwind. Also Steve Pond was in Inner City Unit, a band featuring Nik Turner, also of Hawkwind!

Steve Pond is the sole remaining original member, joined by bassist Alex Tsentides and drummer Kevin Walker. Musically this is one surreal and enjoyable space ride! It is like Hawkwind, the more psychedelic side of Andy Partridge/XTC, some Pink Floyd and a nice dose of punk to round it all off.

Highlights are many – the harmony filled ‘World Is Flat’ has that XTC sound – listen out  as well and marvel at the spacey guitar solos. ’Our Words Are Golden’ mixes a raucous punk beat with synths and effects to great effect.

Lovingly crafted music that will send you on a spectacular musical journey. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

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