Self-released [Release date 26.01.18]

Bad Mother Earth are a new four piece consisting of vocalist Jacky Rogue, guitarist Joe Kash, drummer Greg Kats and bass palyer Mitch Prax.

‘Not Comin’ Home’ has been released as lead single/video and fair pelts along in just over two minutes. Memorable chorus and plenty of guitar action, what’s not to like?! ‘Still Late’ is a scathing take on modern life, this one has a more modern rock feel and the guitars give it a Guns ‘N’ Roses sound.

‘No Religion’ starts off with a pomp/keys intro before the band kick in and it becomes a groove laden rocker. Nice little guitar solo on this one. Hopefully this side of their music will get explored more as it sets them apart from similar classic rock influenced bands.

‘Fortune’ reeks of 70′s rock, the bass and guitar riffs grab you on first listen, impressive stuff. Same applies to ‘Home To Mother’, like the Darkness meets early Queen.

Vocalist Jacky Rogue has a distinctive sound, not unlike Wayne Parry of the Jokers, in fact Bad Mother Earth would go down well with that band’s fans and the Answer’s.

Bad Mother Earth show much promise based on these six songs and judging by their live performances (check out the band’s Queen medley on YouTube), they are set for a decent future in the crazy world of rock ‘n’ roll. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

How did Bad Mother Earth form and what are the band’s main musical influences?

The Band formed in 2015 when I (Jacky) had some Lyrics and demo’s I had been working on, and wanted to form the band I had always dreamed of being in.

I saw Joe and Greg at a gig playing with the band they were both in, and knew there and then that they were the guys.

I asked them if they wanted to jam sometime and so Bad Mother Earth was born!

We’ve historically had a bit of a problem with bass players staying in the band though (“dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It’s just not really widely reported”) but we feel Mitch (all the way from down under) has settled in very nicely and hopefully won’t go up in a flash of green light!


Too many to list but we narrowed it down to 3 each that we could think of at the time!

Greg: Frank Zappa, Rush, AC/DC

Joe: Led Zeppelin, The Who, sabbath

Mitch: RHCP, Beatles, Led Zeppelin

Jacky: Freddie Mercury, Prince, The Darkness

What has the band got planned for the next few months?

Lot’s of writing, always! (that never stops)

We’re also going to be booking and playing shows in as many places as we can whilst planning the next album and trying to keep our heads above water!

How were the songs recorded on the album – was the band all together to compose them naturally and stories behind the songs…

I could fill an entire feature based purely on this question alone! (and just might one day)

The album was quite a long time in the works, we approached it in lots of interesting ways which I feel really paid of in the end and allowed us to be really expressive and creative with the songs!

We recorded A LOT of material (most of which we have not included in this debut release), some were recorded to click tracks and spent time making sure they sounded perfect and all that kinda stuff, but then we all decided to get together and lock ourselves in an amazing studio we had access to, with some drinks and a bit of food and not leave until we had great versions of all of the songs we were playing live at the time. We did an all-nighter and loved every minute and captured the energy of our songs the way we play them live.

We got the tracks together and took them to an amazing engineer/producer who was running his own studio in the same complex where we recorded the songs live, he came from a completely different musical background to most others we thought about working with, but he had a great understanding of what we were trying to say with these songs and very skilfully helped us bring this across in the recordings.

We made the decision to make it 6 tracks because its bite sized and easy to digest as our first introduction into the world. It doesn’t demand too much from the listener when giving it the time it most certainly deserves.

Once you put an album out there (especially as a new unsigned band) you can promote as much as you want but in the end it has a life of its own and a personality of its own so it’s down to the album to speak for itself and we think this speaks very well as an intro to Bad Mother Earth. It’s just a taster as to what we have in store for you and we think people will be surprised with our overall sound once they get to know the band a bit better.

We’re not like other bands. We are just entirely unafraid to wear our musical hearts on our sleeves.

Song stories:

I always like to leave the stories and meanings behind songs open to interpretation retaining an element of subjectivity (Although some of them are pretty obvious haha) Your review touched upon a few themes pretty nicely I would say, and I would be curious to hear what meaning others draw from them too!

In an ideal world who would Bad Mother Earth like to tour with and why?

In an ideal world pretty much all my musical heroes wouldn’t be already dead! so I will approach this question with a slightly different view as I’m not interested in touring with any holograms!.

I think a tour with The Darkness would work well because they have very loyal fans that I feel we would really connect with, they would just really get what we’re about I think. Plus they are awesome.

What would Bad Mother Earth like to have achieved by this time next year?

This time next year? A very busy tour schedule booked with album number 2 in the pipeline. also a million pounds in the bank would be quite an achievement!

Message for your fans…

Thanks for the support, see you very soon! Jacky/BadMotherEarth

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