Album review: THE FIERCE AND THE DEAD – The Euphoric


Bad Elephant Music [Release date 18.05.18]

The Fierce and the Dead – Matt Stevens (guitar, synth, piano), Kev Feazey (bass, programming, synth, percussion), Steve Cleaton (guitar, piano) and Stuart Marshall (drums, percussion) – return with their fourth album.

Opener ‘Truck’ does as the title suggests and drives right into your speakers in a whirl of guitars, loops and a driving rhythm section. The Fierce and the Dead have used synths more on this album, mainly to give extra depth and sounds to certain tunes such as the short but sweet ‘Cadet Opel’ (possibly a tribute to the car the Opel Kadett?!).

All instrumental albums can put some people off, however they are missing a treat as this album has plenty of variety with ‘Dug Town’ a prime example. On this one the band cleverly mix synths and guitars – the steady beat does recall OMD, albeit a rockier version of OMD!

Then there is ’48K’ that sounds like Faith No More tackling a late 60′s science fiction TV show theme tune. Sounds weird but like all the music on here, each piece is driven by a catchy and memorable melody.

‘The Euphoric’ should be the album that sees the Fierce And The Dead make the crossover to a wider audience. They have produced another album full of enjoyable and wonderful music to immerse the listener in, which is their best to date in this reviewer’s humble opinion. ****1/2

Review by Jason Ritchie

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