DOWNCAST [Release date 11.01.19]

This five track EP from British band Downcast is an interesting one as on the first listen you just think of the music, then it becomes apparent that the whole thing is one big break up song, or at least that is ho wit tends to come across.

The bands punk pop approach is apparent throughout, opening track “Anthurium”, “Window Seat” and “2013” are all good songs., but the acoustic “Sombre” doesn’t really gel with the rest for me and “I’m Sorry” has a more downbeat feel going on.

If, as I suspect, these songs are about that one long gone special person, my advice would be to move past that now and work towards a debut album that reflects the talent in the band. **1/2

Review by Nikk Gunns

BLACK TREE VULTURES [Release date 19.04.19]

Black Tree Vultures have been together for just under two years yet have the feel of a far more seasoned band, as their new self-titled EP will show, there are only three tracks here but I cannot wait to see what the band can do with a whole album.

First track “Bitter” is heavy yet melodic and feels like when Metallica nailed this in the early to mid-90’s (thinking of the couple of albums after the black album here). “No More Empathy” follows in the same vein and “Ode To Johanna” is a riff driven, heavy groove affair that instantly makes you want to hit the repeat button and start again.

This is a band to watch as it is definitely a case of onwards and upwards for Black Tree Vultures. ****

Review by Nikk Gunns

On Sunday 28 July 2019, David Randall celebrated his 600th show. “Assume The Position” started in June 2007 on UK City Radio before transferring a year later to Get Ready to ROCK! Radio. The show includes tracks played on the first show plus Upton Blues Festival highlights, new music and the regular features “Live Legends” and “Anniversary Rock” which this week celebrates the Island Records label 60th anniversary.

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Power Plays w/c 5 August (Mon-Fri)

COCO MONTOYA I Wouldn’t Wanna Be You (Alligator)
SKYFEVER Burning Hands (OTI Records)
HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE High Shoulders Everywhere (indie)
MICHAEL J BOLTON Trans Lunar Injection (Market Square)

Featured Albums w/c 5 August (Mon-Fri)

09:00-12:00 STRANDED New Dawn (Escape Music)
12:00-13:00 HOLLOW HAZE Between Wild Landscapes And Deep Blue Sea (Frontiers)
14:00-16:00 SESSION AMERICANA North East (indie)

Albums That Time Forgot (Mon-Fri)

BRIAN ROBERTSON – Diamonds And Dirt (2011)

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