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Pop rocker Jett Rebel has a new single out now, ‘Waiting For The Weekend’ and we asked him a few questions about his musical influences, the new single and more…

You found you had musical ability at a young age, at 10 you played drums, piano and guitar, were your parents musicians? If not, how did you persuade them to let you have lessons / buy instruments?

Luckily my parents also played so there would always be instruments. I tried to play those before mastering the skill of walking. I started drum lessons when I was 5, and piano at 6. But I was already playing those before that. Couldn’t persuade my parents to also get guitar lessons, so that I had to teach myself. That kind of goes for all the instruments I took on after.

What bands or musicians influence you and your music?

Too many to pick out a few. I think the first thing I got into where The Beatles. I’m mainly inspired by 60’s/70’s/80’s music.

Your song, ‘On Top of The World’, was released as a bonus song on the soundtrack of The Amazing Spider Man 2 – how did this come about?

I’m not really sure anymore. But I jump on opportunities like that. Asking me to do a soundtrack, you are likely to receive my first draw before the day is through.

Are you a superhero movie/Spiderman fan? Was this special to you?

Not specifically. I was into superman as a kid. But really, I’m a sci-fi nerd. Anything that starts with “star”.

You write your own music & handle arrangements, production, vocals and play all instruments when recording, sounds like a lot of work – artistic control is obviously vital for you?

I guess so. I’ve always had some sort of “studio”. As a kid that used to be a cassette deck, nowadays a full blown one. Coming up with an idea, and being able to end the day listening to a fully written, produced and recorded song is so addictive. Being able to do all that by myself just comes in really handy being that type of junky.

You have won many accolades/awards in Netherlands and Europe, but you are independent, not signed to a major label – is this a choice you made to maintain artistic control for your musical vision?

I’ve always strived to do things exactly the way I feel they should be done, and just be me. A lot of the things I feel are normal, seem very nostalgic now. It has a lot to do with the purity of things, it’s all about music. Honestly, most major’s don’t understand what I do, cause it’s unfortunately pretty rare these days. It’s all about money.

You are playing an intimate show in London, is it important for you to come to the UK, and will this be your first ever UK gig?

This is Jett Rebel’s very first UK gig indeed, and I’m over the moon. Have been looking out for this moment for over 5 years.

I did work on the “Hits For Kids” album in London, but no gigs happened around that time. I also remember playing a jewish wedding in a wedding band there ages ago. Those were very different times.

I got all this piled up excitement for doing this, people better beware.

Tell us a bit about your new single, ‘Waiting for the Weekend’ ?

That song is there to get you trough the week so you can party to it on the weekend.

Do you have a message for your UK fans?

Can’t wait to see you, meet you and give my all to you. It’s been a long time coming. This won’t be a one time thing though, I’m coming over to get to know you so that we can start dating. Then one day I hope we can get married.

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