Album review: LORDI – Killection

LORDI - Killection

AFM Records [Release date 31.01.20]

Finnish monsters Lordi have been rampaging through the planet since the first emerged from the deepest darkness in 1992. Over the years their own brand of twisted melodic and theatrical hard rock has won them legions of fans across the globe and, influenced by KISS, Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister, they themselves have arguably inspired gothic titans Ghost amongst others. Whilst certainly not a ‘greatest hits’ compilation, ‘The Killection’ certainly captures the many facets of the band in all their deranged glory and if you caught their triumphant Eurovision winning entry in 2006, you’ll know the sort of thing to expect.

For those with very long memories, the album hangs together like one of the Amicus ‘portmanteau’ horror films that were so popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s, with a linking narrative thread each section tells its own short story of dread. Four spoken word tracks bring atmosphere and the release can be enjoyed as a whole but also dipped into like some fiendish buffet as you submerge yourself in the macabre delights. As with Ghost, there is so much intelligence, craft and humour here that you can’t but be entertained and impressed in equal measure.

Always ones with an ear for a great melody, ‘Horror for Hire’ is hugely catchy, filled with harmonies and comes on like Alice Cooper in his prime but much rougher and dirtier. The mash up of Industrial Metal and Euro Disco of the psychotically entertaining ‘Shake the Baby Silent’ follows straight after and this change of direction is followed by yet another switch in the shape of ‘Like a Bee to the Honey’ which, complete with sax solo, is the nearest the band come to a love song. Things revert to a slightly more even keel as ‘Apollyon’ throws in elements of big 70’s bands with elements of pop rock but then head off again with the excellent heavy funk blues of ‘Blow My Fuse’.

The brilliantly titled and hilarious ‘I Dug a Hole in the Yard for You’ is a huge hard glam rock maelstrom, perfectly engineered to make you sing, dance and shake and the band’s love of Messrs. Stanley, Simmons and Co comes to the fore in the 70’s disco of ‘Zombimbo’ that could be ‘I was Made for Loving You (Part 2)’, especially given that the song pays real homage to the guitarwork in that odd KISS classic. ‘Up to No Good’ is another sinister Alice-alike stomper and ‘Cutterfly’ is a truly mad serial killer poppy metal song before launching into the crunching ‘Evil’, without doubt the heaviest song on the album as guitars tear you apart whilst drums and bass pulverize what’s left. The final course of this meal is the commercial cracker ‘Scream Demon’, melody front and centre, lush backing vocals swelling and soothing.

Possibly getting their inspiration from Mary Shelley, this musical Frankenstein’s Monster uses many different parts but, stitched together, the whole really does work incredibly well as one body. The perfect twisted party record and superbly conceived, ‘The Killection’ is another highpoint in the Lordi’s career. One thing though: don’t listen to this in the dark, keeping all the houselights firmly on instead and finally, please, don’t answer that strange knock at the door. ****

Review by Paul Monkhouse

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