Feature: Albums that time forgot – DOMINICI – O3 A Trilogy (Part 3)

DOMINICI - O3 A Trilogy (Part 3)

Inside Out [2008]

Charlie Dominici may merit a mere footnote in the history of Dream Theater, the band’s original singer who was in the formative Majesty before making the band’s first album.

Then in 2005 he produced the first of three albums under the name “O3 A Trilogy”.  The third volume came in 2008 and is one of the finest progressive metal albums of the past 20 years.

The albums were based on a concept developed by Dominici: a world vision of destructive forces and prophecies that came to fruition.

In his review for GRTR! Dave Hunter wrote: “Displaying range and ability easily equal to that exhibited by his Dream Theater replacement James LaBrie – he definitely makes you wonder about all those wasted years. As with many concept albums, this is probably best listened to as one complete piece, each track flows effortlessly into the next, the stunning musicianship evident throughout from all members of the band.”

Dominici enlisted the help of two Swiss musicians, and brothers, Brian (guitars) and Yan Maillard (drums).  Brian Maillard’s contribution is particularly outstanding.

As Dominici told me in a 2008 interview, the album was recorded entirely on a standard “piece of junk” PC and fuelled almost exclusively on espresso which may account for the album’s intensity.  During the recording Dominici travelled regularly from San Diego, then Hungary, to Sardinia where Maillard’s band – Solid Vision – were based.

Hunter continues: “Fans of Dream Theater, no doubt already are aware of his involvement during the Majesty and debut album years will warm to this no end. It’s not a million miles away from the melodic tinged, progressive metal, which was their mainstay in those early days.”

In that interview I pondered whether the album benefits from the input of European musicians making it sound a little different to the usual American-based prog metal of the period.  The album also sits well with another excellent prog metal release of the time, James LaBrie’s ‘Elements Of Persuasion’.

Sadly, in spite of this burst of activity with the three albums released 2005-2008 – and a generally positive response – Dominici (singer and band) has been inactive ever since.  He did say though that he wouldn’t return to the concept format as it was creatively exhausting.

In our interview, discussing his arrival and departure in Dream Theater, he compared the lack of initial reaction to that band’s debut album to Dominici’s plight.  “In 20 years from now people will be saying what a great album and where is this guy Charlie?  I’ll probably be in an old age home somewhere.”

Readers are invited to explore Part 2 (closer to the third album) whilst Part 1 was only produced in limited quantities and is acoustic-based.

David Randall

In this interview edit, recorded for Get Ready to ROCK! Radio in March 2008, Charlie Dominici discusses the album series.

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