Album review: PHIL VINCENT – Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

PHIL VINCENT - Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

Rock Company [Release date 10.06.20]

Solo album number 22(!) from Phil Vincent, who tends to indulge his love of melodic hard rock and the Beatles more on his solo efforts.

The album runs the spectrum of melodic rock, from the pop rocker ‘Flying High’, the OTT guitar solos on the hard rocking ‘Loser In The End’ through to melodic metal of ‘Same Mistake’ – complete with riff-tastic verses and a catchy chorus.

Phil also does ballads and this time we have ‘Loss (Part 1) – Hole In My Heart’ and ‘Loss (Part 2) – One Day, We’ll Meet Again’. Part 1 is a rockier affair, whereas Part 2 is piano led, backed out by strings and synths to good effect. I am sure he enjoys the rockers but Phil Vincent pens a powerful ballad. Oh, and Part 2 features a sublime bit of Brian May inspired guitar playing.

You would think after so many albums you’d either be in a comfortable musical rut, repeating the same music each time or be frantically trying any musical genre to find a song writing inspiration. Not so for Phil Vincent, who again proves he is a master at creating hook filled, immensely enjoyable melodic hard rock with plenty of guitar solos! ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

Phil kindly answered a few questions about this new album, the upcoming Tragik one and more…

Can you take us through the writing and recording process for your latest solo album ‘Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday’…

Hi Jason. Thanks for this opportunity to talk about my new album. My process has been the same since 1997. I either grab the guitar, sit at the piano, or get behind the drums with an idea for a song. The rest just builds on the original idea. Occasionally, I come up with the lyrics first and then shape the music around the words and melody but it’s usually music first.

Who played with you on the album?

Vince O’Regan supplied some shredding lead guitar and the rest is me.

How have you been coping during the current coronavirus pandemic?

Not much has changed for me. I’m an “essential” employee where I work so I’ve been going into work everyday, same as always. I can’t stand wearing a mask but unfortunately, it’s the only way to gain access to my office and the grocery store J

How do you think the music industry will pan out after this?

I know a lot of bands have lost a lot of money because of the cancelled tours so I hope they can return very soon. I think music sales have increased over the past few months because most people are stuck at home and music is really something that can get you through tough times.

You have a new Tragik album up next. What can we expect on this one?

It was mastered by Jacob Hansen and it is a very rocking album. Not many keyboards. I used all new recording equipment and instruments so it should sound somewhat different sonically.

Is it hard to keep switching between the various projects you are involved in?

Not at all. It keeps me focused on song writing because I usually write all the material anyway. It’s like I have 4 different jobs.

This is solo album number 22, an amazing achievement. How do you feel your music has changed over the course of these albums?

Thank you. I’ve become a better songwriter, producer and musician. Every time I record a new song I feel like it is a progression. I hope my ideas never dry up!!! That would be a very sad day for me because I LOVE writing songs and making music, especially when fans enjoy the results. It’s so satisfying when that happens.

For anyone new to your music what album(s) would you recommend to a new listener and why?

Hmmmm…..for my solo work I would say “Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday”, “XX”, “Passion & Pain”, “White Noise”, “Hypocrite”.

Would you like to go back and re-record any of these albums?

No. That’s why I mentioned those specific albums because they came out exactly the way I intended. I do re-record the occasional older song from my back catalog and insert them in my newer albums but I haven’t done that in a while. I’m saving that for when my writers block appears. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Anything else to add and a message for your fans…

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The people buying and listening to my songs are THE reason I am still here doing it. I’m a huge music fan too and I know how happy I feel when I hear about a new Winger album coming out, or a new Dream Theater album, or a new Night Ranger album. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling. It makes me feel like a kid again. Like when I used to get the new albums at my local record store. Ahhhh…..those were the days!!!

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