ELECTRIC MOB Discharge Frontiers [Release date 12.06.20]

Another band making their debut, this time Brazil’s Electric Mob who feature vocalist Renan Zonta. He appeared on The Voice performing such classic rock songs as Sweet Child ‘O Mine and Highway To Hell. Electric Mob also features Ben Hur Auwarter (guitar), Yuri Elero (bass) and André Leister (drums).

Renan Zonta certainly packs a powerful punch, reminding me of the late, great Ray Gillen and indeed Electric Mob have a bit of that Badlands about them on the blues rockers ‘Got Me Runnin’ and the excellent ‘Devil You Know’.

They play it big and bold, although they can add subtlety as the ballad ‘Your Ghost’ shows (complete with whistling!). Guitarist Ben Hur Auwarter is another find, playing some lovely acoustic and slide on ‘Your Ghost’ in particular. They even add some horns on ‘Higher Than Your Heels’, maybe not the most subtle lyric but great fun nonetheless.

If you enjoy the chest beating rock of the likes of Inglorious, Whitesnake and Guns ‘N’ Roses you’ll find much to enjoy on here.

Electric Mob certainly show plenty of promise on their debut and once live gigs are back, they are sure to be hit on the rock festival circuit. ***1/2


CHESTER KAMEN AND THE LOVES Americanized Stoney Records [Release date 03.07.20]

Album number five from Chester Kamen and the Loves, a band built around guitarist Chester Kamen who has played with the likes of Dave Gilmour, Bryan Ferry (including Live Aid), Paul McCartney and Madonna. He is joined by drummer Steve Monti (The Blockheads, Wilko Johnson), vocalist/guitarist Michael Cahill and on bass Sam Harley.

This album is pretty cool, as it sounds like the songs came from the late 70s/early 80s due to their distinctive New Wave/power pop sound. Like Squeeze with a bit more guitar clout. However, there is a warm modern production on this one – the drums on particular and the guitar solos stand out – just grab a listen to ‘Fine Lines’.

The title track and ‘King Of What Remains’ are gloriously addictive, although the slightly tonal vocals of Michael Cahill can be an acquired taste. Worthy of investigating that’s for sure. ***

DOHNY JEP L.U.S.T. [Release date 10.07.20]

I tell you one thing their band name is a sausage to type properly as even on a search engine it keeps suggesting Johnny Depp. Anyway, Dohny Jep are a four piece hailing from Kent, consisting of Pete Herbert (bass, vocals), Stuart Day (guitar, vocals), Rowan Tremain (drums) and Wayne Ambrose (bass).

So what of the music? Well Dohny Jep mix in bits of electronica (reminiscent of Pendulum in places), synth rock and those hook filled melodies beloved of Imagine Dragons, along with a little scream a la Bring Me The Horizon. Stand outs are the title track, the synth metal of ‘Relevance’ and ‘Normal Reality’, which mixes in electronica and riffs to good effect.

Certainly there is talent in Dohny Jep but they face a crowded market and will need a lucky break to make themselves known. Good start fellas and another band who need that live exposure where I am sure they will win over plenty of new fans. ***1/2

Reviews by Jason Ritchie

CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS #Resist Supersonic Media [Release date 05.06.20]

Calling All Astronauts have been around since 2013 consisting of David B (vocals, programming, keys, producing), Paul McCrudden (bass, guitar, keys) and J Browning (guitar). They have already released a number of singles, six EPs and two albums – a prolific band who are seemingly never short of ideas.

On their latest album they continue to channel their anger at the world’s injusticies and the rise of fascists, racists and nationalists. Songs like ‘Divided States Of America’ pull no punches and certainly won’t be adopted by Trump for one of his rallies. They veer from the accessible synth rock of Depeche Mode on ‘ The Holy Trinity’, to the keys led metal on ‘Fifteen Minutes’. They have a calling card in ‘Not In My Name’, a song for the times if ever there was one.

Not for the faint hearted, Calling All Astronauts are a band for the here and now, with plenty to say and lets hope we listen. ***1/2

Reviews by Jason Ritchie

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