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A Year in Rock – 2017

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BEARDED THEORY 24-27 May 2018


If this festival gets any better then next year Bloodstock’s going to have to find a new home because us Bearded lot are never going to leave. (Hollie Latham)

DOWNLOAD (8-10 June)

…a large number of day trippers from earlier generations, joining the generally younger weekend punters who were already in place as Avenged Sevenfold headlined on the Friday for the second time in four years, completing their ascendancy to one of the few ‘newer’ bands that can carry off a festival headline. (Andy Nathan)

STONE FREE (16-17 June)

You have to love the Scorps. Their professionalism, work ethic and honesty is blindingly clear. They are in the entertainment business, they respect their audience and they know how to serve up a proper show. As the band milked the moments out front, I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. Class. (Dave Atkinson)

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