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Collateral’s eponymous debut album is released by Roulette Media on November 1st. The band play the Jon Bon Jovi’s Runaway To Paradise Mediterranean Cruise from August 26– 30th. They embark on a co-headline UK tour with Piston from September 12th. Further info: www.collateralofficial.com

Ramblin Man Fair (review)
EP review

Angelo Tristan, the lead singer and guitarist, answered questions about the band’s upcoming debut album, their recent appearance at the Ramblin’ Man festival and more -

How did Collateral get together and how would you describe the band’s sound to a prospective fan?

After God created the Earth he then created collateral… ha ha, only joking. In 2014, I was playing a small acoustic show in a tiny pub in Ramsgate when I saw Jack walk through the door. Leather jacket, Long hair… drunk. I was singing a Bon Jovi number at the time and he looked at me as if to say we are meant to be together aha. So we started speaking and got a bunch of guys to start a band (The Angelo Tristan Band).

After a lot of failed attempts with members over the years and after playing hundreds of shows up and down the country, even setting up our own small USA tour, things started to pick up and in 2017 I had a clear vision of where I wanted to take the band. So I found Todd Who blew me away in his first audition and the moment I saw Ben I knew he was the guy to fill in the last slot. We came up with the name and haven’t looked back since.

What was it like playing the Ramblin’ Man Fair?

Ramblin’ Man Fair was the best experience of not only our careers but our lives so far. We cried a few times on stage aha. It was over in a blink of an eye but the adrenaline is still running high! To be playing in front of 2000 of your closest friends in any musicians life is an experience you will take to your grave. I just hope we get to play on a bigger stage next year.

I guess the band are looking forward to the Runaway To Paradise cruise with Jon Bon Jovi in August! How many sets do the band get to play and will you be doing any JBJ/Bon Jovi covers?

To say we are excited is an understatement.  I still have posters of Jon Bon Jovi on my wall! I think it’s safe to say that without Bon Jovi there would be no Collateral.  So yeah were extremely excited! We play three times over the course of the cruise, two times in the atrium and once in a pub like the venue. We might just let loose on a few Bon Jovi covers… maybe even get Jon to join us on a few aha.

What can we expect on the band’s debut album due on November 1st?

Raw energy! We wanted to make sure that this debut album creates a statement. There are a lot of throwaway albums these days and you only ever have one debut album so we’re going to make this one count. We’ve upped the tempo from the EP, we’ve added grit, we’ve added dirt and Thrown in the fun we have on stage! You might find a country number on there, but you’re also find the hard-hitting 80s influence throughout. We just can’t wait to see the response.

The video for ‘Midnight Queen’ is a bit different having a proper storyline. Who came up with the idea and have the band gained new fans off the back of the video?

The idea was a combination of hours as a band and from the director, Darren Bransford, Who is a very old friend of mine. We wanted to come up with something that had a bit more meaning and that could bring the song to life so to speak. That was the first thing we released as a band and it catapulted us in front of many people. I think that’s where all started with us really.

Angelo how do you keep your voice in such good shape, especially given the number of shows you have played and plenty of live action to come still this year.

Practising every day! It’s important to keep learning your craft and taking as much inspiration as you can from your surroundings. Some people don’t really need to do anything to keep their voice, but I find I have to warmup before every show, warm down after every show, make sure not to speak of the shows is that can really kill your voice. It’s just a lot of discipline. Obviously eating the right foods, I’m a salad guy myself aha, and not drinking alcohol on tour.

Who inspired you to start singing and what was the first recording you made?

It was when I first heard Living On A Prayer for the first time when I was about 10. I guess it all went downhill from there, ha ha. The first thing I ever recorded was the song I wrote when I was around the same age, A song called Move On. I recorded it on a little multi track machine that my first guitar teacher let me borrow. If I was to listen back to it today I’d probably laugh at how bad it is aha, but recording something for the first time just confirmed something inside of me to say that this is what I want to do for a living.

How important is social media in helping build up the band’s profile and get it known more? Do the band contribute to the Collateral Kinsmen Facebook group?

It’s very important, maybe a bit too important. I say that because I feel social media has sort of taken over our lives and people sometimes forget about the music. We live in the world now where you could be the best at social media but shit at music and gain a lot of followers, on the other hand be amazing at music but shit at social media and have no fans. It’s upsetting to see that. We are led by our phones and what other people are posting about constantly rather than making your own choice. With that being said I think if you put enough work and enough time and effort into something it will always work out.

Yes, The collateral kinsman page is run mainly by our fans but we as a band also contribute with a few things here and there.

With all this live activity, how do the band view the current UK gig scene? What are the bands favourite live venues to play and why?

It’s definitely getting more exciting! Between 2000 and 2010 they seem to be a quiet period in rock music but now there seems to be a bunch of new bands rising up, bands such as Piston, Gin Annie, RavenEye… and we are just so humbled to be a part of it all. We have a few favourite venues, One being the big red in London… it’s always a mental night in there. Leos Red Lion in Gravesend, Kent…  we played our first ever sold out show there…. The list goes on ha ha. Wembley Stadium next!

What would Collateral like to have achieved by this time next year?

I would love to have our debut album in the charts! Go out on tour with a big band, tour in Europe and America and start work on our second album. We’re not going to slow down. That’s for sure!

Message for your fans…

We love you!

Photos by Rob Nankivell

Tour dates with Piston -

SEP 12 The Musician, Leicester

SEP 13 The Station, Cannock

SEP 14 EBGBS, Liverpool

SEP 20 The Asylum Bar and Venue, Birmingham

SEP 21 Rock City, Nottingham

SEP 22 Jimmy’s, Manchester

SEP 26 Joiners, Southampton

SEP 27 The Boulevard, Wigan

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