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October-December 2021

July 2022 – December 2022

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ADRIANGALE ‘Final Piece’


TIM ARNOLD ‘Maybe Magic’

AT THE MOVIES ‘The soundtrack of your life – Vol. 2′, ‘The Soundtrack Of Your Life – Vol. 1 + 1′ Atomic Fire Records

CARMINE APPICE ‘Guitar Zeus’ (box set) Deko Entertainmen


PETER CETERA ‘Love, glory, honor, heart’

POWER PALADIN ‘With The Magic Of Wyndfyre Steel’ Atomic Fire Records

THE WOMBATS ‘Fix Yourself, Not the World’


AUTUMN’S CHILD ‘Zenith’ Pride & Joy Music

Elvis Costello and The Imposters ‘The Boy Named If’ EMI/Capitol Records

EDGUY ‘The Savage Poetry’

ELIMINATOR ‘Ancient Light’ Cherry Red Records

JOHN LODGE ‘The Royal Affair and After’ (live album)

THE LUMINEERS ‘Brightside’

TONY MARTIN (ex-BLACK SABBATH) ‘Thorns’ Dark Star Records

OUT OF THIS WORLD S/T Atomic Fire Records (features KEE MARCELLO ex-EUROPE)

PRIDELANDS ‘Light Bends’ SharpTone Records

SKILLET ‘Dominion’ Atlantic

ALVIN STARDUST ‘The Magnet Album’ (3CD) Cherry Red Records

THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT ‘Caught On Stage: Live & Acoustic’ Earache Records

TOUNDRA ‘Hex’ InsideOut Records

THE WOMBATS ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’


ASHES OF ARES ‘Emperors And Fools’ ROAR! Rock Of Angels

BATTLE BEAST ‘Circle Of Doom’ Nuclear Blast

BILLY TALENT ‘Crisis Of Faith’

BITE THE BULLET ‘End of the Line’ Escape Music

CHRYSTALBELL ‘Suicide Moonbeams’ Love Conquered Records

DIAMOND DOGS ‘Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous’ (double album)

DREAM THEATER ‘The Majesty Demos (1985 – 1986)’ InsideOut

EDGE OF FOREVER ‘Seminole’ Frontiers

THE FALLEN STATE ‘Between Hope And Illusion’

THE FERRYMEN ‘One More River To Cross’ Frontiers

GIANT ‘Shifting Time’ Frontiers

KANDIA ‘Quaernary’ Frontiers

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE ‘Not The End of the Road’ Napalm Records

LALU ‘Piant The Sky’ Frontiers

LIONHEART ‘Second Nature’ (re-issue with 2 bonus tracks) Metalville Records

MAGNUM ‘The Monster Roars’ SPV/Steamhammer

STEVE McCLINTOCK ‘Soundtrack Heroe’ MelodicRock Classics

Odin Dragonfly ‘Sirens’ Black Sand Records

SONATA ARCTICA ‘Acoustic Adventures – Volume One’ Atomic Fire Records

TOKYO BLADE ‘Fury’ Dissonance Productions

VARIOUS ‘Revolt In Style 1979′ (3CD) Cherry Red Records


BIG BIG TRAIN ‘Welcome To The Planet’ English Electric Recordings

CRYSTAL BALL ‘Crysteria’ Massacre Records

PAIL DRAPER (MANSUN) ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ KScope

EELS ‘Extreme Witchcraft

EVERGREY ‘Before the Aftermath – Live In Gothenburg’ AFM Records

FASTER PUSSYCAT ‘Babylon – The Elektra Years 1987-1992′ (4CD box set) Cherry Red Records


JETHRO TULL ‘The Zealot Gene’ Inside Out

KREAMER ‘All The Way’ Frontiers

LANA LANE ‘Neptune Blues’ Frontiers

JOHN MAYALL ‘The Sun Is Shining Down’ Forty Below Records

CLIVE MITTEN ‘Tales From A Misspent Youth – Volume 1′

NASSON ‘Scars’ Frontiers

North Mississippi Allstars ‘Set Sail’

OUR LASY PIECE ‘Spiritual Machines II’

Anthony Phillips ‘Archive Collections Vols 1 & 2′ (5CD Remastered Box Set) Cherry Red Records

PRAYING MANTIS ‘Katharsis’ Frontiers

SCARLET REBELS ‘See Through Blue’ Earache Records


URIAH HEEP ‘Very ‘Eavy Very ‘Umble’ & ‘Salisbury’ (Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Discs) BMG

STEVE VAI ‘Inviolate’

Willie & the Bandits ‘When The World Stood Still’



BASTILLE ‘Give Me The Future’

Corpsegrinder S/T Perseverance Music


iVARDENSPHERE ‘Ragemaker’ Metropolis Records

DAVEY JOHNSTONE BAND ‘Deeper Than My Roots’ Cherry Red Records

KORN ‘Requiem’ Loma Vista Recordings

MYSTIC CIRCLE S/T Atomic Fire Records

SAXON ‘Carpe Diem’ Silver Lining Music



AMPHORIS ‘Halo’ Atomic Fire Records

CITY OF LIGHTS ‘Before The Sun Sets’ Frontiers

DEGREED ‘Are You Ready?’ Frontiers

Girish & The Chronicles ‘Hail to the Heroes’ Frontiers

INVISIONS ‘Deadlock’

Peter Knight & John Spiers ‘Both In A Tune’


MANIC SINNERS ‘King of the Badlands’ Frontiers

Napalm Death ‘Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes’ Century Media Records

Alan Parsons with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra ‘One Note Symphony: Live In Tel Aviv’ Frontiers

SCORPIONS ‘Rock Beliver’

SEA POWER ‘Everything Was Forever’

Slash with Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators ’4′ Gibson Records


EDDIE VEDDER ‘Earthling’

VOIVOD ‘Synchro Anarchy’ Century Media Records


FOXY SHAZAM ‘The Heart Beahead You’ EEEOOOAH Records


ABSOLVA ‘Fire In The Sky’

Annihilator ‘Metal II’ earMUSIC

BIRTHDAY MASSACRE ‘Fascination’ Metropolis Records

Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord ‘Human Heredity’ Prode & Joy Music

GUILD OF OTHERS S/T Louder Than Loud Records

IMMOLATION ‘Acts Of God’ Nuclear Blast

KEYS S/T Escape Music

Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side ‘Miles From Nowhere’ InsideOut

LIONVILLE ‘So Close To Heaven’ Frontiers

LITTLE AMERICA ‘Anthology’ MelodicRockClassics

MECCA ‘Twenty Years’ Frontiers


NIGHTRAGE ‘Abyss Rising’Despotz Records

PINK FLOYD ‘Pulse Restored & Re-edited’ EMI

Re-Machined ‘Brain Dead’ Pride & Joy Music

Arjen Lucassen’s Star One ‘Revel In Time’ InsideOut Music

TEN ‘Here Be Monsters’ Frontiers

ZADRA ‘Guiding Star’ Frontiers


JOHN WAITE ‘Anything’ (EP)


Vivaldi Metal Project ‘EpiClassica’


ELLES BAILEY ‘Shining In The Half Light’

D’Virgilio, Morse & Jennings ‘Troika’ InsideOut

DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL ‘All The Truth That I Can Tell’ Hidden Note Records/AWAL

DAYTIME TV ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching’ Allotment

DEEP PURPLE ‘Greatest Hits’ (3CD) Voiceprint

DODGY ‘The A&M Years’ (box set)

Felskinn ‘Enter The Light’ Rock Of Angels Records

GUNS N ROSES ‘Hard Skool’ (EP)

HAMMERFALL ‘Hammer Of Dawn’ Napalm Records


JOHNNY MARR ‘Fever Dreams Pts 1-4′ BMG

Steven McClintock ‘Sountrack Heroes’ MelodicRock Classics

Steven McClintock ‘Headway Lost’ MelodicRock Classics

Dan Patlansky ‘Shelter of Bones’ Virgin Music Label and Artist Services

PIXIES ‘Live In Brixton’ (delayed from Jan 25)

THE RODS ‘Metal Will Never Die – The Official Bootleg Box Set 1981-2010′ (4CD) Cherry Red Records

SERIOUS BLACK ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ AFM Records

SHARK ISLAND ‘S’cool Bus Deluxe’ Deko Entertainment

JOHN SLOMAN ‘Two Rivers’

SOFT CELL ‘*Happiness Not Included’

SPACE ELEVATOR ‘Persona Non Grata’ On Stage Records

Spiritualized ‘Everything Was Beautiful’

TEARS FOR FEARS ‘Tipping Point’ Concord Records

TYGERS OF PAN TANG ‘A New Heartbeat’ (EP) Mighty Music


THE VIBRATORS ‘The Albums 1985-1990′ (5CD) Cherry Red Records



BAND OF HORSES ‘Things Are Great’ BMG

KRIS BARRAS BAND ‘Death Valley Paradise’

CROWBAR ‘Zero And below’ Entertainment One Records

THE FLOWER KINGS ‘By Royal Decree’ InsideOut

Wolfgang Flur 9ex-KRATWERK) ‘Magazine 1′

MARILLION ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’ earMusic

MIDNIGHT ‘Let There Be Witchery’ Metal Blade Records

SABATON ‘The War To End All Wars’, on March 4 via Nuclear Blast


TY TABOR (KING’S X) ‘Shades’ Rat Pak Records

WARRIOR SOUL ‘Out On Bail’ Cargo


BRYAN ADAMS ‘So Happy It Hurts’ BMG

THE BOO RADLEYS ‘Keep On Falling’

EDGE OF FOREVER ‘The Days Of Future Past – The Remasters’ (re-issue) Frontiers

FIND ME ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ Frontiers

Franz Ferdinand ‘Domino, Hits To The Head’

GHOST ‘Impera’ Loma Vista Recordings

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper ‘Reaping The Whirlwind – Live British Steel Festival 2018′

HOUSE OF SHAKIRA ‘Lint XXV’ (re-issue) Frontiers

NEW HORIZON ‘Gate of the Gods’ Frontiers

RADIOACTIVE ‘X.X.X.’ Frontiers

RUST ‘N’ RAGE ‘One for the Road’ Frontiers

The Undertones ‘Dig What You Need’ (best of 2019 onwards)


RONNIE ATKINS ‘Make It Count’ Frontiers

DARK FUNERAL ‘We are the Apocalypse’ Century Media

FEEDER ‘Torpedo’ Big Teeth Music

FM ‘Thirteen’ Frontiers

COLIN HAY ‘Now and the Evermore’

HELL IN THE CLUB ‘Kamikaze – 10 Years in the Slums’ (EP) Frontiers

HOUSE OF SHAKIRA ‘Lint – 25th Anniversary Edition’ Frontiers

IRON MAIDEN ‘The Number of the Beast’ (40th anniversary cassette edition)

Little Caesar ‘American Dream’ Deko Entertainment (re-issue)

Moonlight Haze ‘Animus’ Scarlet Records

CHIP Z’NUFF ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Frontiers

PLAYGROUNDED ‘The Death Of Death’ Pelagic Records

KEITH RICHARDS ‘Main Offender’ (30th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition)

SHEWOLF S/T Frontiers

SHINING BLACK ‘Postcards FromThe End Of The World’ Frontiers

SIGN X ‘Back To Eden’ Pride & Joy Music

Stabbing Westward ‘Chasing Ghosts’ COP International Records

Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT) ‘Bigfoot TV’ TBC Records via Cargo Records

TYR ‘Live’ (2CD/DVD) Metal Blade Records

VON HERTZEN BROTHERS ‘Red Alert in the Blue Forest’ Doing Being Music

FRANK ZAPPA ‘The Mothers 1971′ (8CD box set) Zappa Records


WEEZER ‘SZNZ: Spring’ (EP)


RICK ALTZI ‘All Eyes On Me’ RA Music

BOMBER ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ Napalm Records

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS ‘The Garden’ Escape Music

Confidential ‘Devil Inside’ Massacre Records

D’Ercole ‘Quantum 8′ Rock Company Records

Tom DeLuca ‘Street Rock’ MelodicRock Classics

8 KALACAS ‘Fronteras’ Atomic Fire Records

FAMILY ‘A Song For Me’ (reissue) Cherry Red Records

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR ‘Abrakadabra’ Golden Robot Records

LITTLE AMERICA ‘Anthology’ (2CD) MelodicRock Classics

Mandoki Soulmates ‘Music Is The Greatest Unifier: Hungarian Pictures Live’

PLACEBO ‘Never Let Me Go’

RECKLESS LOVE ‘Turborider’ AFM Records

Michael Romeo ‘War of the Worlds Pt.2′ InsideOut

JOHN SLOMAN ‘Two Rivers’

TERRA NOVA King Records

TINDERSTICKS ‘Past Imperfect: The Best of Tindersticks ’92-’21′

LESLIE WEST ‘Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West’ Provogue Records



DARE ‘Road To Eden’ Legend Records

EVIL INVADERS ‘Shattering Reflection’ Napalm Records

The Hellacopters ‘Eyes Of Oblivion’ Nuclear Blast

MESHUGGAH ‘Immutable’ Atomic Fire Records

NORTHLANE ‘Obsidian’ Believe

ALDO NOVA ‘The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage’

Pattern-Seeking Animals ‘Only Passing Through’ InsideOut Music

RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS ‘Unlimited Love’ Warner Records

SATAN ‘Earth Infernal’ Metal Blade Records

Trick Or Treat ‘Creepy Symphonies’ Scarlet Records

WOLF ‘Shadowland’ Century Media


KID ROCK ‘Bad Reputation’


Aerosmith ’1971: The Road Starts Here’

ANGEL NATION ‘Antares’ Inner Wound Recordings

AOR ‘L.A. Suspicion’ Perris Records

BLACK SWAN ‘Generation Mind’ Frontiers

JACK BROADBENT ‘Ride’ Crows Feet Records

ENVY OF NONE S/T Kscope Records (features ALEX LIFESON)

FIRST SIGNAL ‘Closer to the Edge’ Frontiers

FORTUNE ‘Level Ground’ Frontiers

HALLAS ‘Isle Of Wisdom’ Napalm Records

INGLORIOUS ‘MMXXI – Live at the Phoenix’ Frontiers

DOM MARTIN ‘A Savage Life’

PAPA ROACH ‘Ego Trip’ New Noize Records

JOE SATRIANI ‘The Elephants of Mars’ earMUSIC

TREAT ‘The Endgame’ Frontiers

JACK WHITE ‘Fear of the Dawn’ Third Man Records


OLIVER WAKEMAN ‘Collections’ (3CD)


DEVICIOUS ‘Black Heart’ Pride & Joy Music

FOZZY ‘Boombox’ Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group


NAZARETH ‘Surviving The Law’ Frontiers

AXEL RUDI PELL ‘Lost XXIII’ Steamhammer/SPV Records

POISON ROSE ‘Little Bang’ Frontiers

SUZI QUATRO ‘Back to the Spotlight’ (2CD) Cherry Red Records

RONNIE ROMERO ‘Raised On Radio’ Frontiers (covers album)

RUSH ‘Moving Pictures – 40th Anniversary’ UMe/Mercury Records

SEMBLANT ‘Vermilion Eclipse’ Frontiers

STONE BROKEN ‘Revelation’



ALDO NOVA ‘Aldo Nova 2.0 Reloaded’ (3CD set)


AUDREY HORNE ‘Devil’s Bell’ Napalm Records

BOWLING FOR SOUP ‘Pop Drunk Snot Bread’ Brando/Que-So Records

PAUL BRADY ‘Maybe So’ Proper Records

DOROTHY ‘Gifts From The Holy Ghost’ Roc Nation

JOHN ELEFANTE ‘The Amazing Grace’ Escape Records

Fontaines D.C. ‘Skinty Fia’

MASON HILL ‘Live In Glasgow’


FERNANDO PERDOMO ‘Out To Sea 4′ Cherry Red Records

PRIMUS ‘Conspiranoid’ (EP) Atco Records

RADIANT ‘Written By Life’ Massacre Records

UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER ‘My Way’ Atomic Fire Records (covers album)

SKULL FIST ‘Paid In Full’ Atomic Fire Records

GEORGE THOROGOOD ‘The Original George Thorogood’ UMe

VARIOUS ‘Dave Brock Presents Space Rock’ (3CD) Cherry Red Records

THE WATERBOYS ‘All Souls Hill’

GINGER WILDHEART ‘The Pessimist’s Companion’

XENTRIX (re-issues) Cherry Red Records

23rd (Record Store Day)

Kirk Hammett (METALLICA) ‘Portal’ (instrumemntal EP)


BLOC PARTY ‘Alpha Games’ BMG

Bill Bruford ‘Making A Song and Dance: A Complete Career Collection’ (6CD boxset) BMG

ROGER CHAPMAN ‘Moth To A Flame – The Recordings 1979-1981′ (5CD) Cherry Red Records

CRASHDIET ‘Automaton’ Crusader Records/Golden Robot Records

GUNSHY ‘Mayday’ Lions Pride Music

KAIP ‘Urskog’ InsideOutMusic

MEMPHIS MAY FIRE ‘Remade In Misery’

NEKTAR ‘Sounds Like This’ Cherry Red Records

WILLIE NELSON ‘A Beautiful Time’

TED NUGENT ‘Detroit Muscle’


RECKLESS ‘T.M.T.T.80′ Sneakout Records

SAFFIRE ‘Taming The Hurricane’ Rock Of Angels Records

SECRET SPHERE ‘Live Blood’ (EP) Frontiers

SPARKS ‘Balls’, ‘Lil’ Beethoven’ & ‘Hello Young Lovers’ (re-issues) BMG

THUNDER ‘Dopamine’ (double album)

ROBIN TROWER ‘No More Worlds To Conquer’ Provogue

TYSONDOG ‘Midnight’ From The Vaults Records

WATAIN ‘The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain’ Nuclear Blast

ANN WILSON ‘Firece Bliss’

NEIL YOUNG ‘Official Release Series Volume 4′ Reprise Records



ARCADE FIRE ‘We’ Columbia

BELLE & SEBASTIAN ‘A Bot Of Previous’

THE BLACK CROWES ’1972′ (EP) Silver Arrow Records

BLACK EYE S/T Frontiers

THE FEELING ‘Loss, Hope, Love’ Island

FOZZY ‘Boombox’

PETER GOALBY ‘I Will Come Running’

HALESTORM ‘Back From The Dead’ Atlantic Records

Jani Liimatainen ‘My Father’s Son’ Frontiers

LILLIAN AXE ‘Psalms For Eternity’ Global Rock Records

MOTOR SISTER ‘Get Off’ Metal Blade Records

GRAHAM NASH ‘Graham Nash: Live’

OU ‘One’ Inside Out

PURE REASON REVOLUTION ‘Above Cirrus’ Inside Out

KATE RUSBY ’30: Many Happy Returns’ Pure Records

SABATON ‘The Symphony To End All Wars’ Nuclear Blast

Timothy B. Schmit ‘Day By Day’

SILVERSTEIN ‘Misery Made Me’ UNFD Records

SIMPLE PLAN ‘Harder Than It Looks’

JEFF SCOTT SOTO ‘Complicated’ Frontiers


TERROR ‘Pain Into Power’ Pure Noise Records



THE BIG DEAL ‘First Bite’ Frontiers

THE BLACK KEYS ‘Dropout Boogie’

GRAHAM BONNET BAND ‘Day Out In Nowhere’ Frontiers

CORELEONI ‘II’ Atomic Fire Records


JUNKYARD DRIVE ‘Electric Love’ Mighty Music

PINEAPPLE THIEF ‘Give It Back (Rewired)’ KScope

THE ROLLING STONES ‘Live At The El Mocambo’ UMe

SKILLS ‘Different Worlds’ Frontiers

THE SMILE ‘A Light For Attracting Attention’

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS ‘Pirates’ Napalm Records

ZERO HOUR ‘Agenda 21′ Frontiers


ANVIL ‘Impact Is Imminent’ AFM Records

IAN DANTER ‘Rule Of Three’

EVERGREY ‘A Heratless Portrait’ Napalm Records

CRAIG FINN ‘A Legacy Of Rentals’

HANSON ‘Red Green Blue’

JAMES LABRIE (DREAM THEATER) ‘Beautiful Shade Of Grey’ InsideOut


LONERIDER ‘Sundown’ Escape Music

MOBY ‘Reprise – Remixes’ Deutsche Grammophon

SHAMELESS ‘So Good, You Should…’ Pride & Joy Music


TRAIN ‘AM Gold’ Columbia

MIKE TRAMP ‘Stand Your Ground’ Target Records

CHUCK WRIGHT (QUIET RIOT) ‘Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky’ Cleopatra Records


Coheed and Cambria ‘Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind’

CREMATORY ‘Inglorious Darkness’ Napalm Records

DECAPITATED ‘Cancer Culture’ Nuclear Blast

DEF LEPPARD ‘Diamond Star Halos’

LIAM GALLAGHER ‘C’mon You Know’ Warner Records

LIAM GALLAGHER ‘Down By The River Thames’ Warner Records

JAMES HOUSE ‘The LA Tapes: Classic Rock Years’ MelodicRock Classics

Cliff Magness ‘Road to gold – Official Colletion of Lost Demos’ MelodicRock Classics

SIMON McBRIDE ‘The Fighter’

Michael Schenker ‘Universal’ Atomic Fire Records

SEX PISTOLS ‘The Original Recordings’ UMG

SIN69 S/T Rock Of Angels Records

SPARKS ‘Exotic Creatures of the Deep’ & ‘The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman’ (re-issues) BMG

STRANGEWAYS ‘Complete Recordings Vol. 1 1985-1994′ Cherry Red Records

SVEN GALI ‘Bombs And Battlescars’ RFL Records

TAKING BACK SUNDAY ‘Tell All Your Friends’ (20th anniversary reissue) Craft Recordings

TERRA NOVA ‘Ring That Bell’ Lion Music

MARK TREMONTI ‘Sings Frank Sinatra’

TROLLFEST ‘Flamingo Overlord’ Napalm Records

VARIOUS ‘Deep 70s: Underrated Cuts From a Misunderstood Decade’ (4CD) Demon Music Group



BATTLELORE ‘The Return of the Shadow’ Napalm Records

THE CRUEL INTENTIONS ‘Venomous Anonymous’

CROBOT ‘Feel This’ Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group

IAN DANTER ‘Rule Of Three’ Cherry Red Records


THE FIXX ‘Every Five Seconds’

GWAR ‘The New Dark Ages’

KREATOR ‘Hate Über Alles’ Nuclear Blast

PRINCE ‘Prince and The Revolution: Live’


ABBA ‘Box Set’ (10LP)

ASIA ‘Asia in Asia Live at the Budokan, Tokyo, 1983′ BMG

BLOODY HEELS ‘Rotten Romance’ Frontiers

DOWNSET ‘Maintain’ Nuclear Blast

DREAM THEATER ‘The Number of the Beast’ InsideOut Music

William DuVall ’11.12.21 Live-in-studio Nashville’ DVL Recordings

GRACE ‘Hope’ Frontiers


HEART ATTACK ‘Negative Sun’ Atomic Fire Records

ELTON JOHN ‘Madman Across The Water’ UMC EMI (50th anniversary edition)

KISS ‘Off The Soundboard: Live at Donington 1996′

KUL SHAKER ’1st Congregational Church Of Eternal Love And Free Hugs’ (double album)

MICHAEL MONROE ‘I Live Too Fast To Die Young’

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE ‘Scoring The End of the World’

THE ROLLING STONES ‘Licked Live In NYC’ Mercury Studios

THE ROLLING STONES ‘The Rolling Stones Singles 1963-1966′ ABKCO Records

SEVENTH WONDER ‘The Testament’ Frontiers

SIDEBURN ‘Fired Up’ Massacre Records

THE TANGENT ‘Songs From The Hard Shoulder’ InsideOut

Joanne Shaw Taylor ‘Blues From The Heart Live’ KTBA Record

VENUS 5 Frontiers




THE BEACH BOYS ‘Sounds of Summer’ (expanded re-issue)

CIVIL WAR ‘Invaders’ Napalm Records

DAN REED NETWORK ‘Let’s Hear It For The King’ Drakkar Entertainment (delayed from March 4)

DERAPS Metalville Records

DRIVE AT NIGHT ‘Echoes Od An Era’ Pride & Joy Music

FOALS ‘Life Is Yours’

HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN’ ‘Lost In translation’ Pride & Joy Music

ICONIC ‘Second Skin’ Frontiers

JORN ‘Over The Horizon’ Frontiers

LAZARUS DREAM ‘Lifeline’ Pride & Joy Records

LIT ‘Tastes Like Gold’

TUNGSTEN ‘Bliss’ Arising Empire

VYPERA ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ Frontiers


WAYWARD SONS ‘Score Settled’ (EP) Frontiers

WIND ROSE ‘Warfront’ Napalm Records

18th *Record Store Day*

Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators ‘Live at Studios 60′


A STORY UNFOLDS S/T MelodicRock Classics

ALESTORM ‘Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum’ Napalm Records

ALEXISONFIRE ‘Otherness’ Dine Alone Records

BABE RUTH ‘Darker Than Blue – The Harvest Years 1972-1975′ (3CD Box Set) Cherry Red Records

Chris Barr & Don Cromwell ‘A Story Unfolds’ MelodicRock Classics

Paul DiAnno´s Battlezone ‘Killers in the Battlezone (1986-2000)’

BLACK STONE CHERRY ‘Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’All’ Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group

CHICKEN SHACK ‘Crying Won’t Help You Now – The Deram Years 1971-1974′ (3CD Box Set) Cherry Red Records

DEVIL’S TRAIN ‘Ashes & Bones’ Rock Of Angels Records

FALLEN SANCTUARY ‘Terranova’ AFM Records

The Hellacopters ‘Through The Eyes Of The Hellacopters’ (EP)

KISS THE VYPER ‘ Hope You Like It’ Metalapolis Records

CHRISTINE McVIE ‘Songbird (A Solo Collection)’

CHRIS OUSEY/STEVE MANN ‘Is Anybody Listening’ Escape Music

FRANKY PEREZ ‘Crossing the Great Divide’

PORCUPINE TREE ‘Closure/Continuation’ Music For Nations

SPIROGYRA ‘The Future Won’t Be Long – The Albums 1971-1973′ (3CD Box Set) Cherry Red Records

SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE ‘Voodoo Nation’ Provogue/Mascot Label Group

RIK SWINN ‘Strum’ MelodicRock Classics

TUNGSTEEN ‘Bliss’ Arising Empire

TYGERS OF PAN TANG ‘The Wreck-age – Burning in the Shade 1985-1987′ Cherry Red Records

VICTORIOUS ‘Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War’ Napalm Records

WIKKID STARR ‘Return To Glory’ Lions Pride Music



October-December 2021

July 2022 – December 2022

Josh Taerk’s latest Sunday Session was streamed on Sunday 17 July.

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UK Blues Broadcaster of the Year (2020 and 2021 Finalist) Pete Feenstra presents his weekly Rock & Blues Show on Tuesday at 19:00 GMT as part of a five hour blues rock marathon “Tuesday is Bluesday at GRTR!”. The show is repeated on Wednesdays at 22:00, Fridays at 20:00). This show was first broadcast 26 July 2022.

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Power Plays w/c 8 August 2022 (Mon-Fri)
BORN LOST Take Time (Mouthpiece) (Revolver Records)
JAIME KYLE Driving With The Brakes On (Conquest Music)
SCARLET DORN Born To Suffer (SPV Recordings)
HOLDING ABSENCE Coffin (Sharptone Records)
TYRANNOSAURUS NEBULOUS Get Some (Echoed Past Records)
KROOKED TONGUE When The Beaches Bleed (indie)
SKYPILOT Knifed On The Beach (The Distortion Project)

Featured Albums w/c 8 August (Mon-Fri)
09:00-12:00 LESSMAN VOSS Rock Is Our Religion (Atomic Fire Records)
12:00-13:00 H.E.A.T. Force Majeure (earMUSIC)
14:00-16:00 THE SLAMBOVIAN CIRCUS OF DREAMS A Very Unusual Head (indie)

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