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If you’re fed up with conventional rock radio why not give us a listen?!

We have specialist sequences for progressive, heavy and blues rock plus singer songwriter.

Where possible we link from our Playlist section to the relevant review at Get Ready to ROCK!

You can also follow the playlist via Twitter and Last.FM

And check out our Mixcloud page to listen again to selected shows…

Turn on…tune in…wig out!

Get Ready to ROCK! Radio

Continuous music unless otherwise stated

06.00 Instrumental 
09.00 Melodic Rock
13.00 Classic Rock 
14.00 Classic Songs
Mon – The GRTR! Archive
Tue – New to GRTR! (repeat)
Wed – Indie (unsigned, upcoming and independent artists)
17:00 Classic Rock
19:00 Progressive
22:00 Assume The Position (repeat)
19:00 Pete Feenstra/ Blues-rock
21:00 Blues Rock
19:00 Heavy Metal Marathon
22:00 Pete Feenstra Rock & Blues
00.00 Close
As Mon-Wed plus
16:00 Classic Rock
19:00 Progressive Metal
21:00 New to GRTR!
Latest playlist additions (repeat)
22:00 The Eclectic Mix (repeat)
23:00 The GRTR! Archive (repeat)
00:00 Close
As Mon-Wed plus
16:00 New Melodic Rock
A roundup of recent and forthcoming releases
17:00 Classic Rock
19:00 The Indie Hour
Unsigned,  upcoming and independent artists – new releases 20:00 Pete Feenstra Rock & Blues (repeat)
22:00 Assume The Position (repeat)
00.00 Close
06.00 Jazz Fusion
09.00 Saturday Rock
Our hand-picked selection of the best new and classic rock tracks
13:00 Saturday Prog
18:00 The Rock Diner
00.00 Close
06.00 Jazz Fusion
09.00 Sunday Rock
Our hand-picked selection of the best new and classic rock tracks
18:00 The Eclectic Mix
19:00 The Sound of GRTR!
20:00 The Pete Feenstra Feature
Interviews and the blues
21:00 New to GRTR!
Latest playlist additions, presented by David Randall
22:00 Assume The Position Presented by David Randall
00:00 Close


Peter Ross, Get Ready to ROCK! Radio

The GRTR! radio presenters are all enthusiasts and experts in their chosen field and bring to you a range of programmes across a wide range of musical genres.

How to listen in to Get Ready to ROCK! Radio…

Click the programming image at the top of the page (top right in desktop).

If all else fails you can access our radio station using the TuneIn app.

The app is available as a free version for iOS and Android smartphones.

After loading the app simply search for “Get Ready to ROCK!’ and save as a favourite.

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