Gig review: IL NINO, SACRED MOTHER TONGUE, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4 April 2013

Il Nino, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4 April 2013

It beckoned to be a good night, the advertised line up was very strong and the venue was a good one for the crowd.  However it soon became apparent that the lineup had changed but no notification of this was made prior to the gig.

Shadows Fall were initially on the bill but now there place was filled by FHOBI.   The reasons for Shadows Fall cancelling are not fully known and the website states ‘circumstances beyond our control’ although it is widely known that guitarist Jon Donais has taken temporary leave from the band to play with Anthrax.

FHOBI, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4 April 2013

The crowd was a bit thin on the ground as we came up to start time and FHOBI were due on stage. There was however a delay of nearly thirty minutes which we found out after was due to the fact that Ramon Plaza, the FHOBI drummer, was not at the gig.

The stand-in drummer on the night was none other than Dave Chavarri, from tonight’s headliners Ill Niño. The band played a cut down set of five songs. Their style is an energetic Rap/Metal sound which although wasn’t to everyone’s taste was a good opener for the night.

Sacred Mother Tongue, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4 April 2013

Another line-up change came with Sacred Mother Tongue as the bass player Josh Gurner is replaced by Des Jones for the rest of the tour.  A four-piece metal band based in Northampton are now on the verge of releasing that awkward second album which is highly anticipated by their ever growing fanbaset.  ‘Out Of The Darkness’ is due for release on 15 April.  Tonight’s set is a rather mean five songs consisting of Demons, City Is Crying, A Light Will Shine, Seven and Evolve all off the new album. The songs go down a storm and show the power of the writing is as good as ever.

Il Nino, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4 April 2013

Ill Nino hit the music scene back in 2008 amidst the Nu Metal movement, six albums later and they’re playing a slightly different style of music, more of the grindcore and as stated by the band they want to explore the Latin/Tribal rhythms. The room has now filled in pretty well and whilst not at capacity it’s a good crowd.

They are on top form kicking off with ‘If You Still Hate Me’ and ‘God Save Us’ it is clear we are in for a great set tonight. The energy of the band is unsurpassed with the constant wind-milling of the awesome dreads sported by vocalist Cristian Machado and Guitarist Diego Verduzco.

Il Nino, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4 April 2013

During the set both of the guitarists take turns on the acoustic guitar adding to the depth of the sound and providing the Latin feel, this along with percussionist make for a very full and interesting sound.

The main set finished with ‘The Alibi of Tyrants’. Encore time and to start we see a drum jam with percussionist Danny Couto and drummer Dave Chavarri playing off each other and swapping kits.

Final song of the night is “Liar” and on stage comes Ryan Walton from Nottingham’s own groove metallers Spirytus to help with the proceedings.  This wraps up what was an amazing night and I know at that at least one person who was unsure about Ill Nino came out of the gig well impressed with their performance.

Il Nino Setlist
1.If You Still Hate Me/2.God Save Us/3.Te Amo…I Hate You /4.This Is War /5.I Am Loco 6.Corazón of Mine /7.The Depression /8.La Epidemia /9.When It Cuts /10.What Comes Around /11.Lifeless…Life… /12.The Alibi of Tyrants Encore: 13.Drum Jam/14.How Can I Live /15.Liar

Review and photos by Simon Dunkerley


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